Crochet Gypsy Queen Shawl


Crochet knitting is one of the most famous handicrafts in Brazil. This technology is widely used to make pieces for home décor, such as tablecloths, American games, storage pots and other small decorations.

Here are some crochet tables lots hid that can cover the entire table or just part of it, which can give you inspiration, and some videos to learn the tips and tricks of this method.


Choose the right line and the right needles to make tablecloths in this handmade technique. For spaces dominated by light tones, this neutral tone can also be used to keep pace with the place.

Get rid of the light tones and add more color to your space. Crochet tablecloths are also used for tables or side tablecloths, and use this piece to decorate living rooms, dining rooms and even bedrooms.


You can decorate a birthday, wedding, engagement or baby shower with a beautiful crochet tablecloth with a cord in a natural tone. Didn’t the composition look beautiful and even more adorable?  Use and abuse the towels and table paths in crochet.

Think of a setting where it is formed by thinner hazelnut yarns through its design, more exquisite and subtle. The tablecloth in the center of the table will bring a more natural and handmade touch to your space.

Use crochet to finish your tablecloth in natural tones, as an example, to make the décor more beautiful. This piece will match perfectly with Scandinavian style space.

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Flowers, leaves, geometric shapes, stars, sun … everything can be done with this handmade technique! Look for ready patterns or create an authentic design for your towel yourself.

Pay attention to all the details from start to finish, it is they who make the design so beautiful! Always use high quality ropes and needles to make beautiful pieces to decorate your table.

Beautiful and modern, bet on super colorful crochet towels to decorate your space with more vividness and colors. Explore different shades of yarn or cotton thread to create fascinating works.

Cross stitch and crochet embroidery are perfectly synchronized. The towel is capricious and real, and square, but can be used on round or rectangular tables.

Invite friends and family to lunch at your home, and use a neutral crochet tablecloth to decorate the table in a ninth. Models with small openings provide elegance at the table.

Whether in the kitchen, in the dining room or in the living room or even on a table in the bedroom the crochet towel is responsible for giving a unique and handmade beauty to the space in which it is inserted.

Regardless of the contest that you choose to use a crochet towel will make your environment more beautiful, it is worth putting your hand in the dough and make your tablecloth all crafted in crochet, from the same stitch you can use and abuse to make a beautiful blanket.

Let’s go to the tutorial?

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Tutorial grátis disponível: Gypsy Queen Shawl