Crochet Panel Blanket

Having a vegetable garden at home is no longer the privilege of those who have a large yard with plenty of space. Today, anyone who wants to grow small vegetables and fresh spices always at hand just needs a small space reserved for the activity. Even if you live in an apartment, having a vegetable garden at home is possible, balconies, service areas or even a window frame can be used for planting as long as they receive sunlight daily. In this post we will see more about it and you can learn how to make a beautiful Crochet Panel Blanket.

The ideal is that the hours of sunshine are concentrated in the morning, this will make your plants grow strong and always remain green and very beautiful. On a balcony you can abuse the large pots, some planters, and even use the space on the walls to hang pots, forming a kind of vertical garden.

In the kitchen or service area, you can use the window frame to enjoy the sunny hours and also to have the necessary seasoning nearby when cooking, this is one of the great reasons for the garden. But if you are lucky enough to have a large space to make your garden at home, know that you can go further and plant even vegetables like zucchini, corn and cabbage.

Just be careful to leave a minimum space between the seeds, so that one vegetable does not interfere with the growth of the other, this is very important. Remember that your garden is indoors, so it can and should be part of your decor. Use colored pots or cans of groceries with vintage labels to house herbs in your kitchen, for example.

 You can also use signs identifying vegetables, there are models made with chalkboard paint, but you can also improvise using a matte adhesive or even old cutlery to correctly mark each of the vegetables. Prepare yourself or buy the ideal land for planting, ready, it must be rich in organic matter and full of nutrients, in addition to neutral Ph.

The maintenance of your garden is also important, even if it is in an open area like your backyard or balcony, in the end, the plants are very delicate. If you plan to water your vegetable garden twice a day in the summer and once on the coldest days, on those last days, watering should be in the morning, to prevent the plant from freezing during the cold night.

Free Pattern Available: Crochet Panel Blanket


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