Crochet Square Shell


Many people say that they are always looking for pattern to learn crochet, simpler pattern with blankets and if that is your will also then you are in the right place. Here we have many patterns not only caps, baby dresses, rugs, finally these types of pieces but also points that can learn to do so always simple and beautiful.

Points for beginners and even it is important for those who do more time to practice also the simple points as it will give more skill and taking experience can make more and more the point with excellence to perfection.


It is with practice that perfection reaches the point. Make your best pieces of Crochet made by yourself, it’s so rewarding the result, it’s worth it. Make your clothes, shawls, decorate your bags, pillowcases, rugs anyway, decorate your home with work done by yourself.

Do not waste time, learn more, learn new techniques, new patterns and have new results. Through this site you will be able to do beautiful works, beautiful residence pieces. If you want to know the pattern today, just continue reading, I hope you like it.


The pattern available in this post for you is a well-known pattern, much practiced which is the so-called Crochet Shell Blanket and is a fabulous pattern and the pattern left for you is free. A great option for him to be your next project!

This pattern of crochet is free and is a beginner level pattern, so enjoy and do beautiful work with it already at the beginner level. He has a texture that stands up that is impressive and can do several works with him like carpets, blankets, baby blankets, sweaters, covers of cushions anyway, what your imagination sends and wants to do something that you want to decorate or invent.

Make with your favorite color, in the photo above I left as an example and inspiration for you that was used three colors, can do everything in one color or more colors and will be beautiful and in tones that you want. You can drive through the photo above if you liked that too.

UK/US Crochet Term
ch – Chain stitch – Slip stitch
dc / sc – Double crochet / Single crochet
tr / dc – Treble / Double crochet


Yarn – Beige, blue, yellow

Below the link you will find the step by step of this crochet point Shell with all the information needed to get done. Also I made available a video tutorial with the step by step if you prefer and want to take the doubts seeing you do at the time to understand more how it does. Enjoy all the information and do beautiful work.

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Pattern Free Crochet Square Shell Blanket