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The Crochet is in the decoration is a pleasure! It has graced the houses of several generations and remains a trend in the interiors. In this article, we’ll talk a little bit about the history of crochet and especially how it can be used in interior design.

It is said that has prehistoric origins, it is not known exactly how it originated, but says that the technique has French origins and over time has spread to other countries until it has become a symbol of craftsmanship around the world. In other words, the technique is very old and is part of the culture of various nations.


Crochet is a purely manual technique and has been passed down from generation to generation. Those who do the work need skill and patience to develop crafts made only with thread and needle. Usually those who practice crafts have learned from their grandmother, mother or attended a professional course.

Considered a timeless article, crochet in the décor can warm up a winter room, add texture to a setting, update the look of a furniture, or simply add a twist to a space.


Crochet is handmade and its feature is perfect for providing a much more personalized, welcoming and charming décor. In addition to these features, you may have memories of the crochet tablecloths that filled your grandmother’s house with charm, and so you want to revive that memory in your décor.

Crochet items are in decoration and can be used in any room of the house.

Below, we’ll show you how to use the craft in every corner of the house to make them more charming and with that great feeling of warmth.

Children’s room: In a children’s room, crochet can be used in baskets to store toys in the form of teddy bears to decorate the space, or even as blankets for the bed.

By the way, this last tip also applies to adult bedrooms, right? Apart from traditional crochet podiums that never lose their place.

Living room: here has numerous functions! You can use crochet to decorate the living room in the form of pillows or blankets to add color, naturalness and comfort to the sofa.

Or crochet rugs, which are a true classic in decorating. The rug can be round, square or rectangular, in neutral colors or in colors that depend on the style of the environment.

Kitchen/Dinner: Let’s talk about crochet in these two environments at the same time, because after all, in most homes they are integrated, right? Here, the crochet in decoration can be present in the curtains, which even leave the feeling of lightness, on the rails of the table, which resemble the warmth of the cottages.

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Bathroom: The crochet cord ed bath sets are a true classic in bathroom décor. They usually consist of one or two rugs, a toilet lid and, in some cases, a toilet paper holder.

In addition to traditional yarn games, there are also variants made of other materials using the same crochet technique that decorate the environment and make it more comfortable.

Now that you know how to use crochet to decorate any room in the house, you can save the towels that have been stored at the bottom of the closet, or look for a local craftsman to make these beautiful pieces for yourself! To finish, here are some more lovely crochet ideas

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