Stitch of Crochet Napkin Round


It is good to see your visit here on our site, because here we do everything with great affection and I am sure many of you will find what you were looking for here on our site. For here we have a range of different patterns, are many varieties of patterns and also of points and different levels of difficulty. Do not forget to take a look at everything that was made available to you later as it is because of motivation patterns that many have not stopped practicing crochet.

Many places charge for it, do not say it is wrong, but many look for free patterns because they can not afford it, do it for hobby and health not for sales and so we leave here free standards to learn and improve their skills in this incredible world that is the crochet. Do your best that will always work regardless of the difficulty level of the pattern. The pattern I bring to you today is very beautiful, I really loved the incredible designer. If you want to learn how to make this pattern, and just keep reading.


The standard I bring to you today is this gorgeous crochet napkin door that will change the look of your kitchen and change the decor at dinner time with family and friends. Crochet dish cloth decorations are highly sought after by anyone who enjoys crafts for their home also not only for sale and those who like delicacy at their table. For those who like details about dish towels, napkins and other crochet products, you will love this pattern

The crochet yarns have several thicknesses of the most yarn to the thickest that in the case are easier to work, and for those who are beginners can start their work by that thickness until having the firmness in the hand with the hook and have experience can make with thinner wires.


The crochet hooks should be the thickness of the yarn you are going to use, so if you are going to use the thin yarn the hook should be thinner, first buy the yarn you want to use and then buy the hook with the correct thickness.

Ask the store’s salesperson if you need help. On the labels of the crochet lines indicate the best type of hook to be used with that thread. Therefore, it is recommended to test the hooks and have more than one type of hook to do different jobs.

The material of the hook depends on a lot on each type because you have to see which one suits you best, that goes for each person. The most common and most used hook is aluminum, which also has colored so each color is for a different size. There is also the plastic; bamboo, among others.

Below I left these graphics to help you make this pattern and beautiful pieces.