Crochet Tiramisu Baby Blanket


The crochet blanket for baby is a beautiful, delicate and comfortable children’s product. With it, the baby needs to feel warm and safe. This piece is carefully made with threads suitable for non-cause allergies.

So before you start making desserts, make sure that the yarn is suitable for babies, even if you are new to crochet, you can choose the patterns, colors and stitches you want to do the job your way, but also in a simple way.


Crochet blankets are more fashionable than ever. Much of this popularity is due to the Scandinavian style, which, among other things, preaches cordiality, comfort and attractive decoration.

However, in Brazil, there is always space for crochet quilts, whether on the bed, on the couch or in the baby’s purse. The facts proved that Europe’s influence has finally increased the price of this common vessel here.

A very common method of using a crochet blanket is to cover the bed. You can do this in two ways: put a strip under the bed or stretch the blanket completely. Just throw the blanket to keep warm when you go to bed.


For this type of use, the ideal is that you choose the right size blanket for your bed, i.e. the single bed requires a smaller blanket size, while the double bed requires a large and powerful crochet blanket to manage bed storage. Cover two people. Also make sure the color of the blanket matches the décor and style of the room so that everything is more beautiful.

The trend in crochet blankets can be perfect to wear on the couch.

Crocheting a sofa blanket is a great technique for people who wish to preserve the fabric of the sofa or hide small defects (such as stains or tears).

When you lie on the couch to read or watch a movie, the blanket can still provide extra comfort. If you don’t want to keep the blanket on the couch at all times, provide a basket and put the blanket there when not in use. When choosing a blanket, consider the style and tone of your room.

Today’s tutorial is a very cute blanket, but use and abuse the blankets in crochet for baby.

Every baby should have a crochet blanket. They are soft, warm and beautiful. Here, you just need to be careful to choose a high quality wool that does not cause allergies and does not cause irritation to the sensitive skin of babies.

I would like to point out that the tutorial I bring today is credit only of the official website that you can check more information below in the pattern of this amazing blanket.

Tutorial free:

Tiramisu Baby Blanket Parte 1  

Tiramisu Baby Blanket Parte 2

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