Double Crochet Cluster Blanket

Anyone who works at home, or even likes to have a good workstation to study or do some sporadic work, knows that the environment where the home office is set up, which is also called the home office, must be thought out carefully so that the normal distractions of the home, do not hinder the performance of the service. In addition, as it is expected that many hours will be spent in the same place, furniture such as desks for the bedroom, for example. they must be comfortable and functional. In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Double Crochet Cluster Blanket.

Remember that the great advantage of having your home office is that, unlike inside a company, you will be able to decorate it as you wish, with a touch of personality to it. This does not mean that you have carte blanche to do what you want, practicality and functionality at work is still the most important part.

The ideal is that you follow the ergonomic rules, as would happen in a conventional office, that way you can prevent pain caused by the long workday such as those in the feet and back, which are always a huge inconvenience. Keep in mind that the chair must be adjusted so that your feet can rest on the floor.

Lighting should also be taken into account, the ideal is that you have a good window as a source of natural light, but for when it is not possible, or for work at night, it is also worth betting on artificial ones to help you. In addition to the lights on the ceiling, a good table lamp also makes a difference, in this case, white lights are the most suitable.

The organization will also be your friend in the home office, it is normal to accumulate papers and documents in a very large amount, but this should not happen. To accommodate them in the best way, it is nice to have a chest of drawers, or a briefcase on the table. Also use organizing boxes, in addition to helping with storage, they are also key pieces in the decoration.

The shelves will also be of great help if you do not have a very large bookcase available, as they will help you decorate the room and organize it too. In addition to the decorative factor, they are very functional, you can accommodate from vases and other decorative objects to the decorative boxes that store your documents.

Abuse of shelves and drawers also to keep books and other accessories at your fingertips, even though it is recommended not to spend long periods sitting, getting up too much can also cause your work not to pay, which is terrible. Having plants and other nice objects close by also helps with your concentration and willingness to work. Try to use plants in floor pots, so your table will be free and you will still have a pleasant home office.

Free Tutorial Available: Double Crochet Cluster Blanket


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