Crochet Tribal Chevron Blanket

Do you want a home decoration that has everything to do with your personality, but the lack of time and money? Making a cheap decoration with creative ideas to make your living room, bedroom or kitchen look even more beautiful is not as difficult as it looks. Here are some decorating tips that you can do yourself in your home, just be patient, have good taste and a little creativity. 1 – Decoration Rule nº1: Pay attention to the size of the room! It seems silly to say that, but we always forget to see the measurements of the environment when we go to decorate. So, pay attention to the size before setting the furniture. In this post we will see more about it and you will be able to learn how to make an amazing Crochet Tribal Chevron Blanket with the tutorial that we separated.

If the space is small, the care in choosing should be even greater. Make a note of the measurements and take them with you to the furniture store, or else use an application that marks the measurements, below we will recommend one. The important thing is to use the spaces well when decorating, with a touch of your personality and creative ideas, regardless of the size of your home. There is an application that helps save the measurements of each space to help you so you don’t make mistakes, it’s Photo Measures Lite.

2 – Cheap Decoration with Recycling: Use objects you already own and be creative, let your imagination fly! Recycling is a great option to make a cheap and beautiful decoration in your home. With creative ideas, you can take advantage of objects that are unused or that would go to waste giving them a new function. Bottles and crates can become amazing pieces for your home, with lots of personality and charm.

The glass bottles turn into stylish vases, objects of cheap decoration and full of charm in a simple home office that we saw. Did you see? Having a beautiful and organized work space is super easy! Another cheap idea with a bottle: Make a lamp and use it as a decoration in your room or living room, this will give an incredible touch to the environment! 3 – Furniture with Contact or Fabric: Do not change the decoration, reform it! Another tip of cheap decoration with creative ideas is to renovate the furniture with fabric, contact or a simple painting. From recycled furniture to objects, the important thing is to be creative in the decoration!

4 – Cheap Decoration with Concrete Blocks: Make your furniture! Have you ever thought about making your own furniture? One idea is to use some concrete blocks, it can be a beautiful bench, sofa, bed or even shelves, the limit is your imagination! Just distribute the bricks well. “What about the dirt?”, You may wonder… Just use a sealer for bricks and get to work! 5 – Fair Cases: Make Incredible Furniture! Other creative ideas for making your own furniture are fair cases; they are essential to make a very cheap and modern decoration!

Easy to achieve, versatile and the trend of the moment. They can become shelves, cabinets, niches … It all depends on your creativity! Use crates in kitchen cabinets, for example, there are tutorials for this on the internet. 6 – Decoration with Pallets: Cheap and stylish! Pallets are another trend when it comes to decorating! Try to negotiate some in good repair in construction stores or fairs or warehouses. The amount will depend on the furniture you want.

If it is a pallet sofa, for example, you must define the size you want and make at least two rows of pallets. You can paint them black or white and then stack them to make a unique bench. The idea is to abuse creativity and integrate the pallet sofa into your living room.7 – Transform without dirt: Use adhesive tiles! Another option to renovate your home with a cheap and super practical decoration is the adhesive tiles: without dirt and with a medium cost, they can give a new look to your kitchen, dining room, closet or even bedroom. Some can even be personalized, which gives you a lot of choice.

Free Tutorial Available: Crochet Tribal Chevron Blanket


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