Crochet Tribal Chevron Blanket


That crochet is an excellent therapy. Creating something with your own hands is the ability to express yourself. It is also a way to increase concentration and thus keep the brain fully active, moving away from diseases such as depression. Being active requires concentration, reasoning and motor coordination, which helps prevent degenerative diseases.

Maintaining repetitive movements can reduce blood pressure and create a feeling of relaxation. They also encourage hand agility. One study has proven that the habit of crocheting improves the self-esteem of the elderly and, when they feel they can do something with thread and needle, reduce the effects of aging. Crochet is fun, soothes and stimulates development.


It is wrong to say that crochet is a woman’s thing, because for many years men have practiced and done manual labor. Crochet knitting is simply amazing, people love and practice a lot since ancient times. In my family, crochet has been practiced for many years. If you also like crochet, you’ll love our website, where we always keep the news from the crochet world.

There are thousands of amazing models for you to explore, just have only 3 primordial things, in fact 4 things:


The manually crafted model I bring today has a final effect is amazing. In the photo above, I left a picture of your appearance at the end to help you and understand your appearance. It is made by forming lines and, along with them, a drawing is formed that, from the trunk, is beautiful and geometric.

The above and the end of the post suggest the use of these beautiful colored blankets, but you can choose the color and combine it to complete the way you want, of course, you should also choose the color in advance to match your décor. Maintain harmony with the environment, keep it comfortable and give the finishing touch.

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After all, all the pieces we crocheted have at the end our touch of good taste.

They can make blankets or smaller ones and put them on a sofa or armchair to warm up on cold days. In addition to decorating your living room, it makes the environment more cozy and comfortable, being very suitable for bedtime to watch a movie or show of your choice to warm up. Make the most of it, because this blanket is not difficult to make and does not cost much to use line materials.

The same point you can use for other purposes, how about making a beautiful tablecloth??? Furniture cloths, with this amazing stitch give up to make a beautiful coat, in crochet the possibility is in your hands, you who should invest your time and money in decorating.

We would like to emphasize, how important this tutorial and all the others we bring on our site, knowledge is enriching, image credits and content and intended for the official website of standards.

Bora let chat and enjoy more this amazing pattern below, check out that gorgeous model, all worked by hand in crochet.

Free Tutorial Available: Crochet Tribal Chevron Blanket