Pattern Crochet Meringue


Blankets are always welcome, I love making soft blankets for babies, gives a beautiful finish and we leave our children more warm. Pattern blankets are very common and practiced so you can not be left out, learn more each day, devote yourself and study so you will be better at what you do. We love crochet so we should always be practicing and trying new things, so it increases our experience and we get better at it is not it. I always travel on the internet looking for new patterns, news and tips to make the job easier too. I see patterns that are high and new ones on the market.

We should have this habit of searching and always looking for more. Here on our site you will find many things very amazing patterns of all tastes and levels of difficulty. There are no excuses because we have a pattern to the most complex ones. The pattern this time is the meringue pattern, many people came back because this pattern enchants everyone with its texture and gets delicate and wonderful in baby blankets.


Blankets made of Crochet is a very beautiful and good job to do, so whenever you have extra time you can make a beautiful blanket for your room or for someone dear or even being a product of your store. And this one I leave for you in this post is perfect for giving as a gift and even for your home decor. Crochet blankets are essential and are always in demand, as it serves both to decorate and to warm.

Pattern Details
The point of this crochet looks complicated but it is quite simple as shown in the picture I left above for you. This pattern can be made for work such as caps, scarves, crochet boleros, baby blankets, blankets, carpets, effects anyway you want to do. And if you wish you can even use it to decorate other crocheted items that you have already done, giving a finishing yet in your work with another stitch such as pillow cases for your room.
This pattern on a baby blanket looks very lovely and attractive and will be a beautiful gift for a baby shower for that beloved person or even for your son or daughter. In addition to warm up in the winter you will leave beautiful and fluffy, making a fluffy and soft cover for your baby. Always use soft yarn because your baby’s skin is delicate.
This blanket called Meringue Stitch Crochet is very easy to do and get to understand. It may seem complicated but it does not. It has a rich texture that gives a beautiful effect. Make the colors you prefer and have fun with the threads and make a happy, happy crochet in your own way.
Approx = Approximately
Ch = Chain(s)
Dc = Double crochet
Rep = Repeat
Rnd(s) = Round(s)
Sc = Single crochet
Sl st = Slip stitch
Sp(s) = Space(s)
Yoh = Yarn over hook

Below you will find a video tutorial of how to do, if you watch and follow the step by step even being in another language you will be able to follow the video just by looking. But I also leave you the free PDF that you can print and contains the written step by step if you prefer. No excuse you do not know how to do in .. you will find that it is much easier than you might think.

Pattern Free Crochet Meringue