Crochet Annabel's Big Bed Blanket


The world of crochet is fantastic. Winter is there and with it comes the hope that staying with the blanket will be comfortable all day. Some people like to watch a good movie, while others like to make hot pot for dinner with relatives or family.

All these comfortable environments need a decorating, butit’s also bringing more of that feeling tothe environment. This storywasthen madetoshow that with a simple investment and a lotof creativity, you can make some changes in your home and bring the winter climate to the décor ofyour home. Stay tuned for these tips and be well prepared for the coldest season of the year.


Abuse and adhering to the crochet blankets after all, they leave any environment very warm and super sophisticated. Although this is a well-informed technique, it always works! Plus, it’s a very low-cost solution that will surely heat your home instantly.

This is because blankets are wildcards in decoration, but in winter, they are the protagonists of comfort work. The cool thing is that no matter the style, there are ideal pieces that can be well placed on the bed, on the sofa or in the armchair.


In addition to keeping warm, blankets can also give vitality to your décor. Use colorful patterns or designs on the neutral sofa to take advantage of winter changes.

 In the room, you can choose a blanket that complements the color of the bedspread to give color and vitality to your bed. Therefore, you will have a cozier and more harmonious atmosphere.

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If you like a casual and personalized look, you can choose knitted or crocheted pieces, which are very sought after and can add a handmade touch to your décor.

Now, if you want to add more sophistication, choose thinner fabrics like cotton, knitting and jacquard. However, if you plan to fill the house with fluffy blankets, use microfiber fabric or leather models. Your home will get warmer and the romantic look is perfect for winter!

Carpet is a supplement that can completely change the décor. Many people think that carpets, being on the floor, are unnecessary for the environment. practically nothing! By choosing a fluffy rug, you can change the space and make it very comfortable.

So, if you want a winter décor, why not consider more closed tones or carpets with hairy texture?

It is also worth remembering that, especially in winter, carpets have the function of protecting the feet from direct contact with the cold floor, so they are very important in the rest area of the house.

 Another detail is the versatility of the work, because whether the house rustic, modern or cool, there is always an ideal carpet.

Today’s tutorial we will learn but an amazing blanket, all crafted by hand, all made in crochet, the production credits and image of this content is credit from the official website which you can check out information below on the following free pattern, check it out.

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