Stained Glass Flowers Blanket


Blanket is one of the pieces that can not miss at home, There are several designs and suggestions, different colors and details, stitches of the most varied that can be created a beautiful work, the placement of beautiful appliques in flowers, bows, satin ribbons , embroidery and lace.

There are creative formats of crochet blanket that can be made. Passionate ideas for you to do not only for your baby’s layette, but also to give to someone, or even to sell.


A mother knows how much blankets and crochet shawls are needed in a layette from birth to a certain age the child must feel protected, and what little ones need is exactly every maternal feeling they can express, is not true?


Now let’s run to buy the materials and work, get in the weather and make your blanket and see how much we can believe in our special.
Pattern PDF Free – Stained Glass Flowers Blanket