Amazing model Crochet Dress for Baby


It’s good to have you here, I’m happy every time I leave news for you because I knw it helps a lot of people, that pattern that I was looking for and always find here tips and beautiful patterns of crochet. Helping people get the job done is very rewarding.

Here on our site you will learn a lot about this beautiful world of crochet, has patterns from beginners to advanced. Having videos tutorials, tips, amazing patterns, graphics, step-by-step writing and more. Various patterns of baby clothes, blankets, scarves, rugs, squares, finally .. everything a little bit.


Our goal here is to facilitate the work of all who love crochet like me, thus helping in the information for those who are new to crocheting and also for those who have been for years and always practice and learn new patterns so make available free recipes , videos tutorials and graphics of models of the most varied types for all our readers.

Crochet never goes out of style, comes from years ago and is always modernizing and updating but never falls, always continues to make success in each generation in each piece that uses. The crochet has always been used to embellish, giving that special touch to your clothes, your look with coats, dresses, shawls, sweaters, blankets and finally several pieces.


And with the babies nothing has changed, the fashion crochet of the babies also do not escape, has not gone out of fashion even coming years ago continues the trend super accepted in all people. So enjoy and make your mackerel for your daughter, niece or to gift, and if you sell your pieces, do not miss in your store.

Today’s standard is about a beautiful crochet dress, whose mother who does not like to see her beautiful daughter with dress is no longer crochet. Babies are born, grow up, and we always remember them and often keep their daughter’s first dress. Make your daughter’s first dress yourself and see how special it is to make the first dress she will wear. Make your crochet dress now and love it all.

To choose the right yarn to use in your crochet work is very important to the end result and also not be too thick for babies. Crochet work is usually made of wool, cotton or acrylic. It is made of twisted together strands forming a rope of material. On the packaging is a numbering and the larger it will be the amount of twisting the line has and this will interfere with the sharpness of the point.

A general rule is that the more extravagant the line is, the simpler it will have to be the model of your pattern and the crochet point you use in the piece. If the crochet line is smooth plus the texture and the details of the pattern will appear.

Free Pattern Available Beautiful Lotus BabyDress 

I leave you with the chart of how to make the pattern of crochet dress, and below I leave the link of the free pattern valid for more information to make beautiful dresses. I hope you like and enjoy. Do not forget to follow us on social networks, enjoy our Xell Crafts page, we are always sharing incredible standards of all levels, from beginner to advanced patterns, do not miss it. Good job.