Pretty Marguerite Blanket


Every time we want to change the look of our home, the quickest way to achieve it is by painting and changing the color of the walls. A simple change like color can completely change the style or mood of a room. In addition to being a quick fix, the cost is low and can be done without professional help. Another great advantage of investing in creative painting in the house is the possibility to change again, since it is not a definite change. Let’s let creativity flow with the tips that Habitissimo brought to us. In this post we will see more about it and you will see the tutorial for a beautiful Pretty Marguerite Blanket.

Painting can be used as a way of defining environments. For example, if you have an office inside the room, use colors to delimit the space. This technique highlights the environment and adds a touch of color and creativity in addition to making it more fun and cozy. The technique has always been widely used in the world of fashion and is now also emerging in the world of decoration.


The style of this painting conveys a sense of freshness and modernity, bringing a hippie and stylish air to the environment and making it very beautiful. Geometric shapes are gaining more space in the world of decoration, whether in accessories, furniture or in the painting itself.


They can be applied in many different ways, varying shapes and colors. The classic geometry + black and white brings a creative, modern and with a special touch in the environment that makes everything more relaxed. Highlighting the painted wall. If you are one of those people who take chances with manual labor, try using a stencil to create patterns of the most varied types, styles, formats, sizes and color combinations. This effect is very reminiscent of the use of wallpaper as we can create a pattern that will be repeated throughout the worked surface.


A tip that brings a lot of charm to the decor is to combine the colors of the furniture and decorative objects with the color chosen for the walls. This adaptation brings harmony to the environments, such as bedroom and kitchen, making them more warm and inviting. Who never played watercolor as a child? The technique is well known in paintings and canvases but has also been explored in interior decoration today, and the results are incredible. The well executed work brings a very beautiful result, with shapes and mixtures of colors that transformed your wall into a true work of art.

Dividing a wall with different colors brings a creative and different air to the environment. This division can be done in several ways, horizontally, vertically or transverse, everything depends on you, let your imagination run wild. Think carefully about the color combinations and complete the decoration of the room! Paint panels, graffiti, colors and abstract shapes can easily be the protagonists of the decoration in a specific room. Use your creativity and enjoy the ease that painting brings to the decor. Let the painting attract all the attention and be the element of surprise in your home.

Free Tutorial Available: Pretty Marguerite Blanket