Chevron Scarf Crochet Pattern

Nowadays many houses, mainly those built in closed condominiums, have a balcony in their project. In addition to being a pleasant environment, designed for relaxation, the balconies can also serve as a stage for barbecues, meeting friends and other small family events. The decoration of this environment deserves attention, like any other room in the house. Special compositions can be assembled so that the veranda of the house is inviting and functional. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Chevron Scarf Crochet Pattern.

Depending on the size of your balcony it will be possible to make very interesting projects that you will love. Larger footage naturally allows a wider variety of options for decorations and divisions within the same environment, on the same balcony, for example, we can have the barbecue area, a social area and a rest area.

In addition to the resistance, be careful also with the floor, very smooth coverings can become extremely slippery after a rain, or become a danger if the balconies are connected to some wet area, such as showers or pools, this increases the risk of slipping.

Free Pattern Available: Chevron Scarf Crochet Pattern

Even if your balcony is open to a backyard, it is interesting to think about covering it, so the use will be more pleasant even, in days of very sunny or light rain, where you will be protected and you can enjoy your balcony. Taking advantage of the natural landscape and plants is an interesting way to enjoy the houses with a balcony that has the privilege of being located in places with such an incredible view.

Even if the view from your house is not so different, it is worth betting on pots with plants with green foliage or flowers, in addition to making the environment more beautiful they help with the thermal sensation. When buying furniture for your balcony, be careful with the material from which they are made, this is a very important detail. Furniture, coatings and finishes that will be exposed to the outdoors must be resistant to the sun, rain, wind and all climatic factors in your region.

Some houses with a balcony have such a generous space that it is possible to include a table for family meals, even if the area does not have a barbecue and a wet area with sink, for example, it is possible to serve some meals from day to day. or the weekend, for a change and have an amazing time with your family and friends.

Pergola coverings are also often used on balconies, as well as reducing the incidence of sun and rain a little, they also serve as support for plants, which can provide you with a green wall for example. The balcony lighting can be done with main lights and small support points such as candles, chandeliers or small lanterns, everything contributes to the cozy atmosphere that the environment must have.


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