Zig Zag Crochet Afghan Blanket delicade


Hello my dear crocheters, today I woke up well inspired, I decided to start working early and let my day pass without many worries. The tutorials i brought today are not only cute, but also full of much love. The children’s niche focused on crochet is indeed amazing. Crochet is an art of inspiration.

I like this kind of work because it has all the refinement and charm works, and it’s very delicate, the crochet blanket is an old thing that has existed for a long time in history.


Usually, every mother will have a crochet blanket in the baby closet or even for her own use, after all these blankets are great for protection on colder and colder days. See the functional, beautiful, delicate and useful. I started knitting a few years ago.

So, if you’re new to crochet and are just getting started, it’s worth getting into the kids’ business and starting to do your first crochet job, since this market has broad development prospects and is worth putting all your energy into knowledge and learning.


Crochet is an area that has changed my life and I think it can also change your life. If you are a clinic living with this epidemic at home, you have nothing to do, you are unemployed and you spend your time.

So, work hard, work day and night, study, redo tutorials, and invest time in learning. This will help you grow professionally. Remember, nothing is easy in this life.

It takes time to learn, dedication and perseverance to continue. After a while, you will realize that stability is coming.

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I started using crochet as a hobby, and as I grew and developed, today I’ve redeveloped amazing works and i totally trust it to support myself.

Normally I already have a routine, I learned that word-of-mouth marketing is the best way to capture the public, at the end of each tutorial, I take a very beautiful picture of the piece and disclose on my social networks, actually on social networks of the store and so, I will sell.

Someone always appears interested, so I always spend my time producing news, people like the new, something different is and exactly what happens to sell.

Different tutorials with novelties, in crochet everything is possible, only you know exactly what you want to invest, because it is actually an investment of time x money, everything in crochet is really possible, I just want and learn.

The tutorials I bring here on the site are from designers that I follow and have as a reference of mentoring, because in fact they are wonderful people who bring an enriching knowledge, it is for sure will add personal and professional knowledge to you.

To share on the site and encourage you, put your hand in the dough, really get out of the comfort zone and come learn, I would like to point out that the image credits and content are intended for the official site.

Let’s learn then this beautiful pattern of children’s blanket below:

Free step by step here: Zig Zag Crochet Afghan Blanket