Crochet Forget Me Not Square Delicade


The word “crochet” is derived from the medieval French croké, a term for a curved iron instrument, a type of hook that made it possible to hang or hold something. In the 19th century, the expression broder au crochet emerged in France.

The handicraft offers thousands of possibilities for decoration, being able to print more personal styles and stories than any other object. Whoever did it or who’s going to use it. This is a good option for you looking for a décor full ofpersonality.


I love doing crochet and here at home I have some unique things that I decided to share with you: two beautiful rugs that my mother made.  I kept it a little as asouvenir, but I think she’d be very happy to know that I’m wearing it! I

She is a handful of a woman who also made a demonstration set of a blanket and pillow of wool, cold: can come, I’mprepared, Love the crochet and like the possibilities that this art dispose to me.


One thing I like is crochet. I grew up watching my mom do a lot of things, I’m still young and I learned to do, I really want to use crochet in my home décor.

Using this technique of ancient craftsmanship, everything from clothing to home decorations and useful items such as rugs and blankets can be made. 

Another way to decorate a house is to use crochet rugs. There are many carpets like this at home, I think they are super beautiful! The one-color carpet makes the environment superclass and more neutral.

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Photos with different shapes and funny faces are a great option for lighting children’s rooms!

For children’s rooms, there are many options for crochet decorations. It has everything from animals andcharacters.

Even comics, clouds, picture frames and cell phones! There are many options and kids love it! You know that ugly stool and an ugly seat? So just put a lid, you can give a different touch, beautiful and super charming!  Make a cover, like being a slap crafted in crocheting.

Crochet rug can be used in almost every room in the house, after all, it is versatile and can be found in various models. But to choose the best crochet carpet model for the environment, you need to analyze the size of the place, the style of decoration of the environment and the purpose of the carpet in the room.

However, if you’re not sure how to choose a crochet rug, a very important tip is to prefer models of crochet rugs with more neutral colors and prints because they are more versed and suitable for different styles of decorating environment, you can even add some crochet flower models make it more beautiful!

Those are just a few suggestions you can explore to deixyour environment even more beautiful and well decorated with crochet; I would point out that this tutorial is credit from the official website that you can check out more information about this pattern below.

Free pattern available: Forget Me Not Square 

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