Crochet Owl Hat Pattern


Hello crochet lovers, you who are just like me who loves crochet crafts so you can not help but take advantage of this wonderful pattern that has brought to you. We should always be looking for new and different jobs to practice. We should not always be in the same thing and in the same line as for example: just make blankets or just make carpets. This is to miss opportunities to do different pieces and also delve into crochet and be amazed by new and incredible things, just by practicing that we will reach levels above ours.

I was searching the internet for something other than squares, dots and blankets, I wanted something different for you, and it was also cute and useful. With that I found something very cute, I’m even thinking of doing for my cousin 1 year, I’m sure my aunt will love and will make my cousin even cuter. I really like cute pieces and mostly made for baby and kids. I know we have a lot of moms with us, so I know you’re going to love this pattern today. If you want more, just keep reading.


Today’s incredible pattern is a Crochet Owl Hat, for those who like an owl this is an opportunity to have a lovely and cute crochet owl in your baby’s cap. I especially love making babies’ pieces because they are so delicate and joyful to make, so you can play with colors.

Colors do not have a right rule, they can be very varied with yellow, pink, white, various shades of blue, green with white or other colors you want to combine, red and other shades you want to use in your crochet piece. These kinds of craftsmanship leaves free in the matter of colors is quite ample to use your creativity. I love jolly crochet crafts.


This is a pattern that has two utilities, warm our babies in the winter protecting from the cold and also leaves them beautiful and cute. Sometimes children do not like wearing caps, it is not easy to leave them in their heads but it is very beautiful and fun to do. It is a great option to give gift to someone dear and also great option to leave in your store.

Make that cap and get more motor coordination for your hands, thus improving your skills and experience, and also being fun. See other patterns that we have also available here in our site with several tutorials. Well, I hope you enjoy this amazing and joyful crochet pattern. A great week for you.

Abbreviations and Points Used

space sp
mc / r-circle / magic ring
sl st – slip point – place the hook on the wire give two loops on the hook and pull the loop to get closer to the hook
crochet single – insert the hook, wrap it around with two loops and then pull, thread the thread and pull the two loops
hdc – half double crochet –
pass the wire and insert the hook, pass three loops on the hook, and thread the wire through the three loops
Increase – make two from any point in a space

Pattern Step by Step  Crochet Owl Hat Pattern  

Below I leave the link with the step by step with all the information needed to make this pattern, and also leave a video tutorial just below. Do not forget to enjoy our facebook page Xell Crafts. Good work. This pattern is available as a free download