Shell Stitch Baby Blanket



If you are looking for a crochet pattern that you find and also being great for a baby shower gift or for your own child here is the place, we have many amazing free crochet patterns for all tastes. Today in this post we will leave another pattern of baby blanket with a beautiful spot, so you are in the right place where you are always welcome. After a look at the site, you get a lot of beautiful stuff for you and it’s still free. Baby blankets are great no one does not like and do not love, even more being crochet.


Baby crochet blankets are always sought after and are always warmly welcomed. There is no one who does not love this crochet stitch to make a beautiful blanket for your baby. For stores this is a great tip, it is a well-known and sought after point, if you already did or already know great, but if you do not know and never crocheted that kind of crochet stitch, then this is your opportunity. I’m sure you will love the result and love everyone.

The beautiful baby blanket we bring to you today is the crochet point Shell that is a pattern that every crocheter should know. With this point you can create several things also not only a blanket but also can use this point in sweaters, baby dresses, bedspreads, pillowcases, table path anyway, whatever you prefer to do and your imagination command.

I’m sure you will love everyone with this amazing pattern. Choose the colors that you want to make this pattern, if it is present for someone, choose the colors that the person most likes or if it is p children with regard to sex also an option. Nothing better than giving presents with pieces made with your own hands is not, I am always completely satisfied with this.


You can also make this blanket to match the crib and bedroom decor. This pattern of crochet blanket is very cute and fun to do. It has a shell designer, so it is also known for shells point. I always wanted to make a shawl with this point, I’ll try this week with this point with the tutorial I found.

As on the internet we find everything we want I started to search and found a pattern with the step by step all written and with all the information needed to make this beautiful point. I already had several ideas to use this point, let your imagination flow as well and you will see how your work will flow. Finally left the maintain with this pattern as in the picture below that I left for you. Choose the color you prefer, as in the photo we can use more than one, two colors, whatever you prefer and think it will look beautiful. It’s great to play such a piece and hear the compliments, it’s gratifying.

This is not only beautiful, it’s simple to learn, but it’s great for people who have recently started crochet, being a novice in this crochet world, so you can make that point in different types of projects. Enjoy. Below is the link with the step by step written with the tutorial, enjoy and do beautiful work. Enjoy our Xell Crafts facebook page and always stay with our news.

Free Pattern  Shell Baby Blanket