Annabel’s Big Bed Blanket

Have you ever thought about relaxing that serious, salt-free environment, but don’t know how? Then check out the news and how to use the fun wallpaper! We always hear around that thanks to technology a lot has evolved and in the world of decoration – thankfully, it couldn’t be different either.

With this evolution, the time was gone when the only option to give that special touch to the walls of the house was to paint them with a colored paint or, the must have in 2000, make a texture with a special mass. Gee, how much work to get away from the ordinary, from those environments with only white or beige walls, right? In this post you will learn more about it and also learn how to make a beautiful Annabel’s Big Bed Blanket.

Thankfully, today, fortunately, wall decor has infinite possibilities and one of them is the variety of wallpaper models available on the market, because there are many types, one more beautiful and interesting than the other.

Yes, today they are the darlings in the decoration and for everyone’s joy, they are here to stay. The options are so many, be it prints, textures and styles that it is difficult to choose a single when decorating that special corner.

And for those who love to have a cool corner, one of the latest trends in decoration is fun wallpaper, to relax any more serious or salt-free environment. Interested? So call today’s post and find out how to use the fun wallpaper in your home in any room!

But after all, when to use fun wallpaper?
For those who already loved it and got excited when they read “wallpaper”, but were always in doubt about when and how to use it, even more if it is the fun style, take a look at the rules to adopt this idea in the home decoration that we separate specially for you.

Look, the first rule to adopt the fun wallpaper is to relax and not be afraid to let your creativity flow! The second rule is to want to transform that wall, objects or even the whole room into an environment full of personality.

And the third rule, the most delicious is to want a corner of yours, that just entering life makes you happier! Right? Now take a look at how to adopt this idea and transform your home environments! How to use fun wallpaper. Okay, you’ve already convinced yourself and can’t wait to choose a beautiful fun wallpaper and run away to end the sameness of various environments in your home.

So come on! The first step is to choose the rooms that will gain that hint of humor with the fun wallpaper you want to use. It can be a single wall, to give just a highlight, or even the whole room, believe me.

Just be careful not to overdo it and leave the environment too loaded. Ideally, the wall on which you are going to apply the fun wallpaper should be a cleaner wall, with little furniture, to highlight the decor and not leave the environment visually polluted, as this totally takes away the fun of the environment.

We have separated two fun wallpaper options for you to get inspired to make yours, if you need more just take a look at the internet, just take a look:

Chalkboard wallpaper. It is practically a classic in contemporary decor! And if you always dreamed of having a wall like that for you and exploring the Da Vinci that exists in you, but you always got that laziness because you needed to paint the wall with chalkboard paint and make that mess, this is the solution! Colorful and unusual.

How about a fun fruit wallpaper in the bathroom? Or a wall with the World Map in the dining room, to mark all the countries you have visited? The unusual makes all the difference in decor giving personality to the environments, in addition to making the environment more fun, wallpapers can also help in learning.

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