Herringbone Half Double Crochet Fall Blanket.

Have you ever imagined having a totally modern decor, but still very rustic and cozy? The brick wall in sight is the answer! This flooring, which is very versatile, has been increasingly used by professionals in architecture and interior design who like to approach different styles and decorate using contrast. The idea is that in front of this wall furniture and objects with modern design and simple lines, and if possible with bright colors, are used. In this post we will see more about it and you can still learn to make this beautiful Herringbone Half Double Crochet Fall Blanket.

For a more industrial style of decoration, you can bet on metal furniture and a simpler finish. Colored pictures also gain a lot of prominence if hung on a brick wall in plain sight, this draws more attention to them. After opting for the brick, the question arises which type is best in your environment. It may not seem like it, but this coating has some application variations, including its grouting.

It is possible to apply the so-called dry joint, where the mortar is not visible and the feeling is that the bricks are just stacked on top of each other on the wall. The other modes are the crimped and the filled joint, in these cases the mortar is visible, in the first one more recessed, and in the second level with the front of the bricks.

You can also choose which type of brick finish will look best in the environment you chose to decorate, just let your imagination fly and we are sure you will be surprised. The most common is with the natural wall, that is, after the bricks are applied, they receive only a layer of waterproofing, and are in their original color.

The demolition bricks give a very nice and very beautiful rustic effect, in some older houses, architecture professionals achieve this effect simply by removing the mass coating and keeping the original bricks of the house construction, which gives that incredible touch rustic. Anyway, for them to last in their new decorative function they must also be waterproofed.

But if you like the texture of the bricks, but not much of their color, the ideal is to paint the brick wall with a color of your choice, there are many projects in which white is used, in a way to integrate the textured wall others in the environment. The patina technique can also be applied to exposed bricks, it consists of sanding the surface after being painted. The feat looks great and has a lot of personality, in addition to giving a special touch to the environment.

Free Tutorial Available: Herringbone Half Double Crochet Fall Blanket


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