Crochet Weekend In Stockholm Throw


A comfortable and warm sleep will affect our sleep and make us sleep better and consequently will have a good night’s sleep. It’s great to sleep warm in a warm and comfortable bed, but it’s best to make your own blanket to keep you warm in thecold, so having a crochet blanket can make this experience even better.

As we all know, there are many models of crochet patterns for making beautiful blankets, with different sizes and styles, from the simplest to the most complex.


The weight and volume of blankets also vary greatly, depending on the sewing thread you use. Winter has come and nothing better than to prepare, make blankets and blankets and give gifts.

To make a blanket for someone, it is important to use soft and hypoallergenic strands. Today’s tutorial will teach you how to make a beautiful blanket, being able to be marketed or give as a gift to someone, continue with us until the end of the post and check out another wonderful pattern.


It has a very modern and comfortable design. This is a mid-level standard, but with a lot of dedication, we can do whatever you want.

Besides being a beautiful print, crochet also has a relaxing effect for practitioners.

In addition to bringing flexibility and satisfaction, you can also do a cozy job and decorate your home because of this type of print. It can be used as a sofa blanket or armchair, but also as a bathroom mat, bedroom, pillowcase.

When choosing a color, it is important to know first where you will use the print, if you are not going to make a blanket, in order to combine it with the décor of the environment, such as a bedroom rug.

Matching like this will make the job more beautiful. Stronger or more colorful colors make this piece more cheerful, very suitable for children’s blankets, like colorful things.

With needle and thread, we can turn it into a beautiful original hand-made work. The blanket today is very beautiful, the photo above is the final rendering, which is really charming. It consists of several squares, which combine to form a blanket, on the blanket, are used or increased to make a blanket.

A beautiful pattern makes your bed or sofa look great. I believe you will enjoy doing this, let these patterns fit and join each square and shape your last piece, in the case of photos, it’s fun to be a beautiful and comfortable blanket in your bed on a cold night.

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It’s simple and practical to do. I believe you’ve done or heard of it. I’ve done many simple and quick ways to complete, because the practice is better, I’m very pleased to see what I’m doing and I’m looking forward to seeing the end, so I chose the quick and simple mode.

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