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The puff is a piece of furniture that can have various functions such as helping with organization in the case of the chest puff, it also serves as an extra seat in the environments, and of course, the puff can also be used as a decorative piece, and if you want an elegant and sophisticated that stands out in the decoration of your environment, undoubtedly the best option is the tufted puff.

Therefore, we from the XELLCRAFTS team made this post with several inspiring tips and photos on how to use the tufted puff in your home decor. Check it out, in this post you will see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Northling blanket!

Despite the more sophisticated design and finish that a tufted puff can present, it is important to remember that this puff model fits perfectly in various decoration styles, from a super sophisticated and classic living room, even in a contemporary or rustic environment, because of this, the tufted puff is increasingly gaining space in the decoration of environments and gaining more fame.

But to choose the perfect tufted puff for your environment, you need to pay attention not only to the decorating style of the room, but also to the colors of the room and even the size of the space, as it may be that a tufted chest puff is more interesting. for a small room that a basic tufted puff, for example, since the chest puff has a space inside it where you can store things.

In a contemporary style environment, the tufted puff can bring many benefits to the decoration, such as a more sophisticated touch and even a more retro and cozy style to the room, giving that special touch. To make modern decoration with tufted puff more interesting, it is worth investing in a model that has a fabric with bright and vibrant colors, as it stands out in the environment and brings more personality to the decoration.

A tip for a modern room using this type of furniture is to invest in a tufted puff coffee table, that is, use the tufted puff instead of the more traditional coffee table models, so that you get a more versatile piece of furniture that has everything to do with the modern style of the room. The tufted puff, whether it is a tufted puffed coffee table or a tufted chest puff, always reminds us of a more classic and sophisticated decor style and leaves the atmosphere very cozy.

For a classic and sophisticated environment, prefer a very clean decoration in neutral tones, and of course the tufted puff should also follow this line, and just like in the modern room, the puff can also be used as a tufted puff coffee table for a room very sophisticated, everything depends on how the other furniture in the environment will be chosen, choose to combine them.

To make your environment even more elegant, choose a tufted puff that is made of a more noble fabric like linen, for example, and in this case, the tufted puff is super elegant to decorate a beautiful balcony, and believe me, it looks very beautiful.

Free Pattern Available: Northling blanket

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