Point Bargello Crochet


And let’s go for another crochet article that you both love is not it. I always research new things for you and we already have many new features and there are still two more for I left for you here. See later on our site the new patterns that we left here this week, a week filled with news and patterns that are fashionable and with all the information available. 

 Lately I like to make patterns of more than two colors, I think it looks so beautiful and cheerful and mainly with two shades of one with looks beautiful, if you have never tried try one day.Point Bargello Crochet Blanket is simply fantastic and perfect for spring, summer and early fall. A lightweight and colorful blanket from corner to corner that is written in baby size but can be worked up to whatever size you want, this spring on the summer blanket is fantastic! 


The use of a long drawn yarn gives the effect of self-cutting and reduces the need for weaving tips. Works easily without much brain power – perfect for relaxing on a hot spring or summer day! It works easily without much brain power, a great design for beginners as well.

Today’s pattern is a beautiful spot that reminds us a little about the bavarian point more alone than with waves, I do not know why but it reminds me a little. I like how the points of this pattern are made and in the end it turns into this fantastic result that is how I left it for you in the photo above. It is a very useful and variable point, it has intermediate difficulty level.

This crochet can be done with ease but nothing that a dedication or attention helps to all that started now in the crochet and they can make this pattern with success. Thank you in advance for your presence here on my website that is also yours because that is why I write and I am here, so that more people can be helped and make it easier to find their patterns that they both want and research and so do their work.


Just like this pattern there are many others available here with intermediate and intermediate level of difficulty, enjoy. This pattern I bring to you today is about a pattern that is super-moldable, can make the size you want and so make incredible pattern with your own hands and even create an incredible gift for someone.

This Bargello pattern is an impressive job done using hands, needles and threads. To define the size of your pattern you can do as you like doing more or less rows, you can choose this way you can make squares or even beautiful quilts, sofa blankets, pillowcases, rugs, tablecloths. This pattern does not need to join any squares in the other only to continue making more rows until reaching the desired size.

I’m sure you will like this pattern too because the result is really incredible and its texture is very characteristic that draws much attention. The Bargello pattern lately is being widely used in embroidery. To do this technique I leave below for you the video with the step by step, it is in another language because I did not find it in English but to continue seeing as the person does, to follow and do normally. Hope you like it, enjoy our fanpage Xell Crafts and even the next pattern.

Pattern Free  Point Bargello Crochet