Crochet Fun Ripple Scarf With Tassels


A style that has emerged recently, often worn on extremely cold days, is a style that wraps around the neck, but the wrapping method can concentrate a lot of volume, provide greater protection to the area and make it warmer, crochet scarf.

Very popular on cold days. A common variation of crochet scarves is the type of shoulder, whose tips extend along the trunk. A crochet scarf can also be used as a useful element, giving a neutral look when displaying more colorful shades.


A scarf style that has been gaining more and more followers around the world is the so-called infinite scarf. Its name is because its tips are spliced together to form a circle, a circle around the neck of the user, that is, there is no beginning or end.

This variation of crochet scarf is also called a neckscarf. In addition to aesthetic factors, the practicality of use is another reason that explains its growing popularity in recent seasons.


A crochet scarf is different from a knitting scarf because it has thinner lines and therefore lower volume, which affects the heating problem.

The difference between a scarf and a scarf is in its larger size, size and volume. In Brazil, the crochet scarf is used more often because it is not as cold as cold European countries and does not require very hot styles.

Impossible not to like crochet scarves! Everyone has at least one in their wardrobe, and they usually think about it on cold days. But did you know that it is a super fashion accessory that can make you more fashionable? In addition to warming the body, it adds even more charm to the look. Come learn everything from us!

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If you like to wear different accessories in matching styles, know that there are a variety of styles of crochet scarves, with stitches, line styles and different styles, you will be happy to choose or make your own style.

In crochet the art of creativity and practicality can take over because there is scarf of all and any kind.

The scarf style called crochet collar is very modern and very practical. They are suitable for all appearances and can be used eventifies mildest.

Using these services, you can do beautiful jobs, one for each day of the week. Alismof that, you can do to gift at home, which is a cheap and very beautiful choice.

So, this is just a piece of countless others that we teach here on the site, excellent piece to undertake and grow with your own business, after all the scarf or scarf, are key and very elegant pieces of any look in this cold that we are living.

I would like to point out, that this tutorial is not my person’s credit, all the content, image and walkthrough is intended for the official website of the mentor of the model, that you can check information on how to make this scarf beautiful below.

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