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When we create a single dormitory, whether for men or women, we must think about how to accommodate its user in an easier way. We check your needs, your habits, your objects, for your total comfort and practicality. Bedside tables, mini home offices or chests, shelves, are always welcome, as long as space allows. In this post we will see more about this subject and you will learn how to make a beautiful Fun Ripple Crochet Scarf With Tassels.

And how do we start? The first question is always: Is the space small or large? Then, will it be a single dorm just to sleep, to work, or even to date? Do you prefer sofa bed, furniture with multipurpose are welcome? All information counts, and we must get it from the customer, so keep that in mind.

If the room is small we can take advantage of the storage space with shelves, niches, cabinets and other items that help to keep things. If the single bedroom is bigger, we can fill the space with some furniture, swan armchairs or raised bed on a platform, or even a double bed. As for colors and textures: single colors expand the space, whether they are light or pastel.

However, we can also use striped, floral, geometric patterns, a multitude of reasons for the room to be modern and very beautiful. We should always choose a matrix color and combine the accessories. Neutral or cold tones convey calm and serenity.

When choosing furniture, the bed is always the main element. It must be well selected or created as an invitation to coziness, so remember this well. In addition to having a comfortable mattress, always. The bedside table beside the bed serves as a support for objects. If the customer has a habit of reading a directional lamp at night, above the nightstand or hanging from the ceiling is essential.

We can use, for small dorms, wardrobes, or even dressers. Custom furniture is great for small environments, remember this. TV, DVD and video game should be on the opposite wall of the bed, preferably fixed to the panel, to gain space. Natural light must be contemplated, but don’t forget to plan curtains that match the rest of the room and bring privacy to the room.

Elements such as pictures and photos are personal, and should be used with discretion in decoration. A simple bedroom should not be confused with dull. It is possible to make a single project for men, cozy and masculine: attractive, solid, striking, but with a different design which makes the environment very beautiful. For the man, a simple and practical bedroom is the best for your day-to-day.

The masculine colors generally follow the sober tone: black, dark blue, brown and gray. For women, the ornaments, the details, a light pink color with white, are the marks of femininity, balancing the entire composition of the environment. A sofa bed for watching movies with friends is always a good choice, when space permits.

Free Tutorial Available: Fun Ripple Crochet Scarf With Tassels


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