Easy Sea Shell Crochet Coasters

Having a garden at home makes the environment more welcoming and beautiful. The garden model that matches your home will depend on your expectations for it. To solve your doubts, Xell Crafts will help you create the perfect garden! To make the paving of your garden, the ideal is to choose gravel, concrete or molded cement. A caveat about gravel: it must be angled to prevent the ground from slipping when it rains. In this post you can see more about it and learn how to make beautiful Easy Sea Shell Crochet Coasters.

Be sure to remove all the plants that are in the place where you are going to build your tour, because if there is a weed or similar plant, in the first rains it may surprise you with sprouts in the soil, and we know that this is not what you want. You can place stones and wooden or plastic benches in your garden.

It is not recommended that a bench be installed directly on the ground, as over time, it will deteriorate very easily, in addition to its use being impaired when the soil is wet, which also does not help anything.

Every garden model is directly linked to nature, which is obvious. So use and abuse the presence of plants and grasses in it. If the space is more compact and cannot include trees, plant roses, and have pots with different plants.

Having vines close to the walls, as well as palm trees in large pots, also transforms the environment and makes it more beautiful. Some trees have small roots and can be planted in small gardens, so research the one that best suits your garden model.

Avencas and xaxins also give a super modern and natural look in any garden model, so keep that in mind. There are small fountains made of stones for you to place in the garden. They are super beautiful and give an “up” to any garden model.

There are also handmade fountains, usually made of wood, used directly on the grass or on stones. You can also invest in decorative items, such as artificial birds to hang on tree branches or leave stuck on benches and stones to give a more relaxed touch to the decor. The result is very relaxed and natural.

Free Pattern Available: Easy Sea Shell Crochet Coasters


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