Tutorial virus blanket


The craftsmanship in helped many people in many areas because the practice has many benefits. Crochet is a type of craftsmanship being a very old technique practiced and this getting higher, never went out of style.

Practicing crochet has many benefits such as improving motor coordination, dealing with the line and the hook, improving the brain and memory, avoiding depression, and many other benefits. Doctors even indicate practice being good for health. So we have all these benefits and more for doing something we love.


Last summer I found my photo box and in it was a photo of me with a very linod shawl that I made and it was the last fashion of last year, in the photo had a little older look with clothes that I do not use any more than with that shawl I stake elegant and delicate.

I really loved having this souvenir and with that came the idea of ​​making this same shawl that was cool and I was looking forward to sharing it here for you guys. Unfortunately I do not have this one anymore but I’m excited to make another one with a color that pleases me.


As I know that many of you have been here a short time, they are new to this beautiful world of crochet and like pattern as well as the one that is not difficult to do so I decided to share with you this pattern. The wonderful point today of a virus blanket is a pattern known and widely practiced. It’s great and great for anyone who’s starting out in crochet because it’s beginner-easy.

A crochet blanket made with this point virus looks very beautiful, but besides making a baby blanket can do many things with him like for example the shawl I told you, in xale he is very used, also used in carpets, path and what your imagination commands. If you were looking for this pattern to make a lovely crochet blanket for your baby, you do not need to procrastinate any more.

A blanket made with the virus point is really incredible and very well accepted, in the form of shawl it warms us apart from leaving the clothes more elegant. Use the colors that you prefer, a tip that is beautiful are those lines merged, is a very beautiful and original result. I left the photo above to inspire you about colors but do what you prefer. So let’s start.

Crochet Virus Blanket is known to be one of the most sought-after and beloved crochet blankets. The step by step of the video that I left below for you was prepared by Jonna Martinez. In the video she shows step by step how this pattern is made and how simple and easy it is. Also all materials used.

The size of the needle to use will depend on the thickness of your yarn, whatever you choose to do. So if you like do not waste time and do beautiful work. Enjoy the tutorial videos and do not forget to enjoy our Facebook page Xell Crafts. Thank you and good work to all.