Crochet Felicitas Afghan Square


Hello everyone, today I bring you a simple, cute, elegant and exquisite pattern. As you know, our materials are always dedicated to people who love crochet like us, so we always seek the best content to make them happier and more dedicated to our beloved crochet.

Today we will talk about this exquisite and simple crochet pattern to make the environment you want diverse. Crochet knitting is an art that never goes out of style because it is constantly evolving.


Today, this craft is also in the hands of artisans who do exquisite work to earn an extra income from crochet and showcase their talents. However, some people consider crochet a hobby, or even a way to survive in this beautiful work.

Through this article today, we will bring you many tips and important information if you want you can start crocheting at home and make money in a very simple way.


So we can make beautiful crocheted models because we know that we will not be outdated, and we will also keep an eye on the novelties and competitions, including men’s, because artisan men are also very good at crochet.

The simple crocheted quilt for kids we’ll learn today is great and easy to make.

Many people ask me how to make money from crochet. Does crocheted give money? For those who have already started or already work in the area, the big question is whether crochet gives profit? The truth is that it depends on a lot, but in most cases, you can get very interesting benefits.

Although other people use crocheted isas a source of additional income, they can earn between $200 and $500 per month. The truth is that if you have dedication, you can profit a lot from crochet and use it for as a source of sustenance.

Therefore, the most important thing is to focus on the work and always seek to produce the highest quality parts. Finally, get to work! We would like to thank all followers for their suggestions and for sharing our work.

There is not only blanket, plus many other pieces that can match various looks, such as.

There are several ways to wear it: Combine a more basic or brightly colored crochet shirt with jeans, shorts or denim skirts. A crochet vest or jacket adds charm to a neutral look.

When using two pieces in crochet to create a summer look, invest in attention-grabbing colors such as orange, blue, red and yellow.

So crochet is a world of many possibilities, just want and produce, the greatest source of knowledge we have today at our disposal is the internet, use and abuse of the knowledge I bring here on the site.

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Free pattern available: Felicitas Afghan Square