Crochet Mix Shawl

It is possible to find different models of stairs in houses, some are made of snail, others are straight, there are stairs made of iron, wood, masonry and despite that practically all can receive items under them to enhance the decoration, to help in the organization and even to create a new environment in your home. However, there is a detail that needs to be observed before deciding exactly what you will do under the stairs of your home. In this post we will be able to see more about it and you will learn how to make an amazing Crochet Mix Shawl with the tutorial that we separated.

This important detail is the footage, it is necessary to know exactly what height, width and depth are available so that you can decide what you will do to take advantage of this area, so take the correct measurements. For those who like to have a touch of green inside the house, bringing fresh air and lightness to the home and decoration, the space under the stairs is perfect to be transformed into a garden.

Your garden in the living room with stairs can be vertical, suspended or maybe a stone garden, everything depends on your creativity. The stone garden is beautiful and if the goal when making a garden under the stairs is to add a touch of refinement to the decor, surely the stone garden is an excellent choice.

For the garden under the stairs it is also necessary to observe some details such as the size of the plants you will use, choose plants that adapt well to the shade and also hire a professional to see if there is a need to make a protective layer to prevent infiltration, all these details are super important. By analyzing these items, you can have a beautiful garden under the stairs without worries. For those who do not want to have a lot of work when decorating under the stairs, a very simple idea that still creates a cozy atmosphere is placing benches or armchairs under the stairs and to complete a side table.

Another tip for those who want to continue this line of decoration under the stairs that does not require much effort or reforms is to create a home office. Knowing how to choose the right furniture and elements for the home office, the decoration under the stairs is super charming and you still get a space to work, study and keep the routine in order, this will help a lot and the best thing is that it is practical and fast . The decoration under the stairs can also receive a sideboard or buffet. If the staircase leads to the dining room, the buffet can be useful to support desserts, plates, glasses and cutlery.

In addition to these items, the buffet or sideboard can also receive decorative items such as paintings and vases. How about adding comfort to the decoration under the stairs? Well know that it is possible and we will tell you how! The decoration under the stairs can become a super cozy place to rest or a reading corner. To make the space under the stairs as functional as possible, nothing better than placing a cupboard under the stairs. Perfect for those who want to keep the house in order, using all the corners to the maximum the cupboard under the stairs can become a pantry for food and cleaning products, which will help you a lot.

Free Tutorial Available: Crochet Mix Shawl


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