Crochet Mix Shawl


Always following the trend, the timeless crochet cardigan is now back. In this tutorial you will learn an unusual pattern that is very beautiful and versatile, perfect for any style of clothing. Today’s suggestion is a round cardigan, tailor-made for those who like to try on fashionable clothes, but different from ordinary ones.

The very easy style to do makes anyone fall in love. It is precisely by the wealth of details that constitute the hand-made work in general.


This cardigan all worked in crochet with very manual stitches, where start high and low points giving rise to all this incredible effect, the idea of the model is verynice, if by chance the sleeves of the original model do not please you, just follow the step by step, but highlight the same is there give rise to a new model of woolcoat, pulled over a vest.

The original patterns are all sewn with double stitches, which is more charming, and the official tutorial will teach you step by step for free. My experience in making this template is amazing, the tutorial is very simple, you can faithfully follow the tutorial to do it.


It’s cool is that from this point you give rise to many other cardigan models or items and pieces in crochet, let your imagination guide you.

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The cool thing about this piece is versatility. If you don’t like something, then change the model and make another one. It’s fun because you can create other pieces from the same point. I especially like to do tutorials so I finally learned more. When I finished the official model, I saw the difficulty I brought to other models with the same point of view.

Going back to that unique wonderful product, all productions are high and low when it is trend talk in the market,it is a super trend on the colder days and a unique wild product that you should have in thecloset. The interesting thing is that it can be easily combined with various shapes, be it skirt, dress, short sand or even jeans, it will look very beautiful and great.

Also, take the super trend, you can prepare for any event, play with the accessories, this will make your look more fashion and cute. By the way, everything that reproduces in crochet is amazing and makes people fall in love with it.

Just like this piece I did 1 more and I left exposed in my tutorial, the cardigan independent of the model leave quite in this cold period, it is a piece that is worth investing and selling.

He’s in my studio. I already have three requests for other colors. I’m sure the offer will be jobs. In terms of materials, just follow the steps in the tutorial, so that it does not end in the creative process.

If you are a beginner, I advise you to do only one tutorial at a time, especially be a great tutorial. I recommend that you follow all the recommended da designguidelines to be able to successfully recreate the work, now let’s check out another wonderful tutorial together?

See below, all the step by step, I would like to point out, that the image credits and content of it is intended for the official website.

Free Tutorial Available: Crochet Mix Shawl