Crochet Whispers of Spring Mandala


The mandala is a symbol that allows us to recognize and be attentive to the various processes of life, especially in terms of change, learning and transformation. If you still don’t know what a mandala is, keep reading this article, I’ll tell you in detail what it is and how to make this amazing piece of work fully crochet by hand to decorate the environment.

First, let you understand what mandala is and how it works, let’s take a look at the etymology of the word: therefore, mandala means circle in Sanskrit.


It can have multiple designs, and may even be based on the author’s ideas. For example, if I want to accept love, we can make a pink mandala to remember the energy of love.


Every time I see this symbol, there is a sense of energy and so on. The mandala is a symbol of harmony and can transform the energy of people and the environment.

So we can say that we can process things and follow a certain degree of evolution.


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The mandala has an origin and an incredible story. The mandala is not thought to have been born in the East, but this hypothesis can be replaced by: We only know that the mandala exists, and we do not know the East.

Because nothing is true, the mandalas existed without natural processes long ago!

That is, in the explosion, in the vortex above, and even in our eyes, all these currents are circular and form a pattern in which we can speak and think like a mandala, just as nature gives us the gift of life.

In addition, this symbol represents the perfect harmony between the micro, the human, the macro and the universe, soit can  be translated as universal harmony.

Create your own mandala in crochet

Sit in a quiet place and grab a blank sheet of paper. First, you must know what your intentions are, want a mandala of love, prosperity, peace, small and large …

Once you have selected all the functions according to your wishes or needs, start drawing! Create icons that come to mind or you can do it yourself.

Look into the eyes and place them on the wall where you usually meditate. Relax and breathe calmly and dynamically. Meditation with mandala drawing.

I think this is one of the courses where you may be surprised that you can weave mandalas, it is not only a mandala, but there are many other decorative elements that can be knitted.

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