Tunisian Crochet Entrelac Throw

Who never opened a drawer, found it crowded and couldn’t find what they were looking for? Everyone has been there! But it can be quite easy to leave this situation in the past, see? With a drawer organizer, you can leave everything in its proper place, in this post we will talk more about it, and you can learn how to make a beautiful Tunisian Crochet Entrelac Throw with the tutorial that we separated. The drawer organizer, which is also known as the drawer divider, has several advantages, it: helps to organize objects; makes it easier to find things; optimizes space (and time use).

And you can use the drawer organizer in the most varied environments in the house, such as in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the office … Anyway, where necessary, and this is incredible! Check out our tips on how to organize drawers with these dividers and how to make a drawer organizer. Trying to keep drawers organized is a daily struggle. It may even be that once a week you can stop to do this, but as the days go by, the mess takes over again.

To solve this once and for all, here are some essential tips on how to organize drawers. The first step on how to organize drawers is to give a function to each of them, so you already know how to organize each one. That is, define what will be kept in each drawer. If it is in the bedroom, one will be used to store underwear, another for T-shirts, another for shorts and skirts and so on.

Following this same mentality of giving a place for each thing, the second step of how to organize drawers is to use the drawer organizer as it helps a lot in that purpose. You can search for one that is exactly the size of your drawer or you can buy separate pieces and fit them in the space. In an underwear drawer, for example, you can use the drawer organizer to separate each piece of panties you have, each of your pairs of socks, and so on. That way, you occupy the drawer more intelligently and make your daily life more practical.

There are many models of drawer organizer available on the market today. Some have the necessary measures to occupy an entire drawer, others are sold in kits with loose parts and you can also use other objects as a drawer organizer, the choice of which to use is up to you. Among the most suitable pieces as a drawer organizer are organizing baskets and glasses, but other items can also be adapted. Some use cups, ice cubes and cutlery trays as organizers. Other people prefer to make their own drawer organizer with PVC pipes, egg boxes, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, among other materials.

And, if you also like the idea of ​​reusing and reusing, you will certainly like our tutorial on how to make a drawer organizer with milk cartons! For our step by step how to make amazing drawer organizer, you will need the following materials: milk carton, scissors or stylus, printed fabric or paper, water-based glue, water, glass and a brush. With these materials in hand, let’s go straight to the tutorial on how to make drawer organizers with milk cartons:

Cut the milk carton in half, horizontally; Make sure that it is lower than the height of the drawer and, if not, cut a little more; Cut a large square of the fabric or paper, much larger than the base of the box; Put a little glue inside the glass and mix it with a little water; Glue the base of the box and glue it to the center of the fabric or paper; Cut the fabric or paper by forming a cross around the box; Glue the side and glue the fabric, do it on the four sides; Allow to dry for 2 hours. Ready! You now have an amazing drawer organizer made by you!

Free Tutorial Available: Tunisian Crochet Entrelac Throw


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