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The cardigan is considered a versatile item, with the characteristics of the versatile, classic and timeless. Women’s darlings and innovative allies have countless combinations.  Here today in this tutorial we will teach you how to do just that, a Cardigan all worked on crochet.

It is indispensable in the wardrobe of any woman, precisely because it can provide various possibilities and combinations. However, let’s talk about this piece, tell some stories, show you how to use cardigans correctly, and give tips for different changes so you can use one of them and stay stylish.


The cardigan appeared as a men’s garment in the mid-19th century, was made of wool, worn by British officials and named after the cardigan’s count, James Thomas Brudenell of Wales. Brudenell was a soldier in the Crimean War.

Free Tutorial Available: The Campfire Cardigan

He felt uncomfortable with ordinary sweaters. He sewed cardigans by himself. Later improvements were made to the cardigan, including adding buttons on the front of clothes


No matter the season, a crochet cardigan is always a popular cardigan, so you can add a sense of expertise to any kind of appearance! For the female audience, this is a very democratic work, because it usually does not heat up too much, comes with lighter fabrics and a multitude of combinations.

Long cardigan or long cardigan is a popular trend in autumn and winter, making any style look elegant and modern. Nowadays, when the dawn is colder or the office air conditioning is more powerful, always ask for the third, and swapping a jacket or jacket for a large crochet cardigan is a new fashion concept that can attract any kind of feminine style.

They can be: lower than the hip or ankle; are light and full of movement; are elegant and charming; add to the look to enhance a more modern look; and can be usedfor a more casual and more social look. Youcan think about looking for work, including long cardigans. Combine it with limesand a formal shirt to create a moreformal atmosphere.

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Asymmetric cardigans are essential for a more elegant, glamorous and stylish look. For example, with jeans, boots and belts, or even beautiful sunglasses, everyone looks beautiful. After all, they give the look a rebellious look, while enhancing the mystery and elegance of any woman.

Another option to leave the combination more undressed is the asymmetrical sleeveless cardigan. They are beautiful in warm climates and give a tropical touch. When combined with suitable accessories, they are really necessary to enhance the appearance of various styles.

The crochet cardigan is a popular trend in summer, it is an indispensable item, and can also be used as a beach or pool to give a stylish atmosphere to the combination of swimsuits or bikinis. Moreover, mixed in this combination, it is a useful, exquisite and sexy work at the same time.

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