Crochet Mini Galaxy of Change


Crochet rug can be used in almost every room in the house, after all, it is versatile and can be found in various models. But to choose the best crochet carpet model for the environment, you need to analyze the size of the place, the style of decoration of the environment and the purpose of the carpet in the room.  Today we will teach you how to make an amazing crochet rug all worked by hand.

However, if you’re not sure how to choose a crocheting rug, a very important tip is to prefer models of crochet rugs with more neutral colors and prints because they are more versed and suitable for different styles of decorating environment, you can even add some crochet flowers make it more beautiful!


The living room crochet rug is an accessory that not only helps in decorating, but also provides a more comfortable and comfortable feel. To choose a crochet rug for the room, it is important to analyze the layout of the furniture and the size of the room.

When putting a crochet mat into the living room, it is important to put a piece under the sofa to avoid accidents, and also helps integrate other furniture into the environment, such as living room shelves, center tables and bedside tables, armchairs, etc.

If you choose a smaller crochet rug model for the room, it can be placed under the center table or even used as a fusion with other environments.


In addition, it is also important to remember to choose a crochet carpet model that is in harmony with the overall décor, especially if it is a room that blends with other environments.

The crochet bath mat not only has a decorative function, but can also be used as an accessory to give more comfort and safety to the space, so it is necessary to use some non-slip materials on the bottom of the crochet tub mat.

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To choose a crochet rug for the bathroom, rate the decorative features of the room and the available space you have.

The most usedcrochet carpet models in the bathroom are crochetkitsthat are usually seenwith other parts ofthecarpet, suchasa toilet paper holder and anotherone thatsitson the lid of thesanit vasetotheriver.

The kitchen is an environment where the tiles are usually settled. In addition to sometimes splashing water, why the kitchen crochet rug is so important, after all, besides beautiful, it can also bring more safety and comfort to people.

The most commonly used crochetkitchen rug model is a cord, usually placed directly in front of the sink counter, but in addition to this model, there are also sets of crochet rugs in the kitchen.

In addition to the larger cord, there are one or more two pieces, small carpets, plus rags, stove covers, gasoline tanks and other items. As in other environments, when choosing a kitchen carpet model, it is always important to choose a model that fits the decoration style of the space.

Today’s model is very versatile, combines with any environment and is worth checking out the step by step below.

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