Sunflower Coaster

On sunny days, nothing better than socializing with friends and family by the pool, right? Anyone who thinks that it is necessary to go to a club is wrong. Even with little space, it is possible to have a leisure area at home. Small pools have become a national craze! The small pools take up little space, are useful and improve the decoration of the outdoor areas. At Xell Crafts, you can get inspired with tips and the pattern of a beautiful Sunflower Coaster. To help you, we have put together some good examples and also some essential tips. Check out!

Start paying attention to the choice of materials used both in the construction and installation of the pool and when cleaning, these details are very important. Some products cause scratches, others stain or fade the color of the lining of small pools. A material that usually has a more affordable price for small pools are glass tablets.

These items are water resistant and last approximately 15 years before the first maintenance, which already helps you a lot. The edge of small pools needs to have a more rustic finish to prevent accidents such as slips. This finish, which can follow the color of the environment, needs to be done at the angle between the edge and the interior of the pool.

Small pools can also be made of fiber, a very resistant and common material in today’s pools. Generally, fiber pools come ready from the store, which makes installing them cheaper than hiring a project to build a new one at the installation site. The shape of small pools can also vary. You do not have to follow the rectangular pattern of large pools.

Create shapes according to your creativity and space availability, measure and let your imagination fly. If free space allows, place chairs and loungers with cushions near the pool, so those who do not want to enter the water can also relax. In addition, these items give a “Zen” style decoration by the pool. To maintain the decorative style of the pool at night, invest in indirect lights.

They can be done through reflectors facing the plants or walls. A special tip is on security, pay close attention to this mega important detail. As much as the pool is small, if you have children in the house, avoid accidents by installing protection bars or fencing with a small gate, controlling access to the area.

Free Pattern Available: Sunflower Coaster


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