Crochet unicorn Bricks Baby Blanket


The crochet blankets are in the millennial history of children, it is also and very common that some owners seek help to modernize the children’s  room and use it as a piece of decoration of the environment,  today’s piece is quite colorful is perfectly represents the children’s world.

In addition to being used as a key piece in the maternity exit, crochet blankets are very versatile pieces, and can be used to make your baby’s environment more cozy.  In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful unicorn bricks baby blanket.


The choice was to work with a more striking color, the blue, to counterbalance the pastel shades until then used. In reality the children’s world is a show of colors, this whole hand-crafted piece, more at the same time so delicate, represents everything that crochet is.

Each piece of crochet has its charm. Today’s tutorial is very delicate, interesting, decorative and seductive, making anywhere in your home elegant, beautiful and very delicate.


Crochet itself is an art that exudes sophistication, charm and sophistication. This blanket is very beautiful and can be an excellent gift for a newborn.

It’s really amazing. I think I’m going to finish mine in a week. I want to share my experience with this model withyou, I found it extremely easy.

After learning, there is no difficulty from start to finish. The coolest is the direction of themodel. With the versatility I have proposed, I can invest the same points to recreate other works.

I found this at the most, and it actually enriches my work because I learn while doing tutorials and doing other things with the same perspective.

Currently, I am investing in learning through tutorials. In fact, I’m not very creative, so I prefer to invest my time in tutorials that I always share here.

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Of course, I only bring tutorials sites that I know are references. The wonderful designs that create certain models are really worth trying out. Another interesting thing about crochet is the possibility, as I always say, that embroidery art can turn into other things, which fascinates me.

If you’re just getting started, I tell you with all authority that crochet will provide you with a great income, not even extra, because I’m sure many people here want to become their own bosses and want to invest their time in it, just focus and point in the direction.

If you want to have crochet as the main recipe, focus and defocus, practice that will lead you to perfection, we are living a very chaotic time in the economy because of pandemic, then it must bere invented, enjoy.

It is to learn and bring to market things that really spin well and involve you, this is where you should invest your time.

So let’s leave chatting, before anything I would like to make it very clear that the tutorial of this piece and all the credit of image and content is credit from the official website, by which you can check the step by step below.

Padrão grátis disponível: manta de bebê de unicórnio