Crochet Mandalas in Memory Delicade


It’s always a pleasure to make materials for you here, because I know that many people always want me to bring news and provide amazing patterns on the site you are looking for or want to do. I like what I did and I’ll keep doing it, you can be sure. Crochet is an art.

I like crochet, I like my site, I like my work, the finish is great and I know you like it too. Crochet always has new patterns to learn, so we should constantly update ourselves and strive to improve our stitch practice.


I am passionate about handicrafts in clothing, especially when it comes to more original works, which do not have thousands of identical productions in the world. Of course, it is almost impossible to have just that kind of clothing in the closet, especially in this fashion.

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But crochet caught my eye, as did leather, because it’s a one-piece and can be used for many years if it’s well maintained. Just like yesterday, I was wearing a crochet shawl, we all liked it and thought it was beautiful.

But please check out the patterns ideas I left for you in the series, there are many beautiful and useful things.


The way you use crochet products depends a lot on your style, where you live and the city’s climate. Some people like to make several other blankets as decoration, some people already like dresses and skirts because they can create whatever they want, and each woman likes to create their own style.

As always, I’m here to share with you the good news from around the world that we love crochet. We always bring useful news and patterns for you to practice and cultivate your crochet knowledge, so you can improve in terms of punctuation. Practice more.

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Crochet  always updating itself, adopting new standards and constantly increasing the types of patterns to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Then he came back with everything, and to use more, he modernized, changing according to modernity over time. When I look for new patterns, I see a lot of new things.

I see everything with many patterns, such as bedspreads, rugs, blankets, baby clothes, shawls, ornaments, table tops, amigurumis and many beautiful things.

Today we will learn more about a new type of crochet, which is a suitable pattern for those who love animals, and in a different and very useful way. There are many decorative patterns and various crochet decals. Today I choose one to learn. I hope you like it because I find it very useful and different.

This piece can be made for various purposes, including decorative and will leave your beautiful environment is a charm, it is worth checking out the step by step and enjoy all the news we always bring on our site.

I would like to stress the importance of running the tutorials that we bring with all possible affection, after all one is more beautiful and accurate that the other, here I only share the same and i put in execution, the credit of the content and image of it is intended for the official website to which you can check more information of the standard below.

Padrão grátis disponível: Mandalas na memória

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