Forget Me Not Square

The suspended bench emerged as an alternative piece of furniture to meet the needs of those who live or work in houses, apartments and small offices. Idealized by the real estate market, the structure of this furniture eliminates the need for a base for its fixation, that is, the piece does not stay in contact with the floor, which facilitates the cleaning of the room and the optimization of space that becomes useful for different that’s why she’s so famous these days. So, if you are looking for a suspended bench for your home, office or commercial establishment, you have come to the right place.

In this post, we separated decoration tips and countless creative projects with suspended bench, in addition to the tutorial on how to make an amazing Forget Me Not Square. Get inspired and choose which suspended bench model best fits your environment! Practical and versatile, the suspended countertop with drawer is perfect to overcome the lack of space in a small room. After all, its structure not only does not depend on “feet” for its complete fixation in space, it has compartments, that is, drawers that help in the organization of the environment.

In the home office, the suspended bench with drawer can help in accommodating papers, documents, pens, diaries, folders and other office accessories. In the bedroom, the suspended counter with drawer can facilitate the organization of jewelry, jewelry and makeup, and can be used for other purposes.

Many countertops, made to order, can feature drawers with custom finishes and specific dividers for each accessory. There is a glass-finished workbench with a drawer that allows the user to choose which accessory inside the furniture he will use during the day. Suspended panel with bench. More than a sofa, a corner table and a rug, the living room has the presence of a very important piece of furniture in this organization, which is the panel for TV, very popular today.

On the market, the models are diverse and among the most sought after versions in recent years is the suspended panel with a TV bench. Much more than decorative, the suspended panel with bench in addition to assist in fixing the TV, its structure hides the wires of electronic devices, accommodates decorative objects and even allows the reception of puffs at the bottom, allowing the creation of new places in the environment and giving a modern and organized touch to the environment. Suspended kitchen countertops. Gone are the days when the kitchen was the environment intended only for the preparation of meals.

Today, this environment is responsible for providing the meeting of family and friends around the table, especially for those who do not have a dining room to welcome them. Therefore, in view of the increase in the number of small houses and apartments, the suspended kitchen countertop has been adopted in most projects today. In an American kitchen, the custom-made suspended kitchen countertop can be used as a room divider. Its structure may end up being used as a lower extension of the counter itself.

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