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Often the bathroom is overlooked when decorating, but this is a mistake that people shouldn’t make. After all, the bathroom decoration shows the care and the refinement of the resident with his home. Therefore, to help you choose the decoration of your small or large bathroom, we will show you a very important element for this environment: the bathroom tub.

Bathroom sinks are extremely important when defining the decoration line of this environment. It is a very striking item and can make your environment more functional or hinder mobility within your simple bathroom. In this post we will teach you more about it and also teach you how to make a beautiful Weekend In Stockholm Throw.

We separated some very innovative and modern bathroom tub models to help you choose the ideal bathroom tub model for your home. It is important to evaluate each model according to your need, size available in the bathroom or toilet – small decorated bathrooms and larger environments can be benefited with different washbasins – and decoration style, in addition to the investment in this piece, of course, plan everything before you start.

Main types of bathroom tub
1 Built-in tub. The built-in tub is a model of bathroom tub that is widely used in homes today. The tub is built into the cabinet, providing more space on the bathroom counter. The downside of this model of a bathroom tub is that there may be a loss of space inside the cabinet.

The built-in bathroom tub usually has a more affordable value and combines with most decorations and tile models for bathroom. Pay attention to the material that will support the inlaid, it is ideal to hire a specialized person so that the bathroom tub is perfectly adjusted on the countertop, one of the most used materials is marble. The bathroom visually has more space with this sink. Ideal for compact spaces. 2 Support Cuba.

The support tub is a very sophisticated and imposing model of bathroom tub, which looks great in both classic decorations and even more funky decorations preferred by many today. This type of bathroom tub takes up more space on the countertop, so you can use it in other ways to store your items if your bathroom is small. There are several models of washbasin for support bathroom, both round and square, what varies are their materials and composition of the bathroom as a whole.

If you have a small toilet and do not want to store many items in it, you can put a round tub, with a round bathroom tub it is possible to take advantage of the space under the sink, like a small garden and makes the decoration of the toilet become more special by giving a very nice touch to the place. The main bathroom tub formats that can be found on the market are: Square, rectangular, round or oval and with custom shapes.

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