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As we spend a large part of our days working, it is important to have furniture that contributes to the comfort and convenience of the environment, such as a large table, armchairs and a sofa set for the office. The sofa set for the office can be used to welcome clients with greater comfort or, if you have an office at home, be your sofa to relax after long periods of work, accompanied by a good book. Then check out our tips for choosing the best office sofa and set up a professional quality environment to welcome clients and close important deals in addition to the tutorial of an incredible Mandalas in Memory. Check out!

The first tip is to choose the sofa according to the location it will be used. Not just to find out the best number of seats, but to find out if the color and style of the office sofa matches the type of environment in which it will be used. A more serious and sober company, for example, can count on a set of office sofa in neutral tones, which do not interfere with the style of the place.

Another very important tip is: invest in decorative pillows. They are essential to ensure that the environment is more pleasant and comfortable and they also add an incredible touch to the environment. And those who intend to have a more relaxed decor, can invest in colorful pillows with phrases to motivate the work.

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About the size of the individual office sofa, it is ideal that it is suitable for the environment. Not too big, not too small. It has to be done in a way that does not hinder the circulation by the reception. If you receive clients, patients or business partners in the company, it is essential to have at least one sofa set for office reception. As you will not always be able to serve them as soon as they arrive, they need to have a place to sit and wait in comfort, if possible, arrange some magazines and a TV to entertain them while they wait.

Even if your customers do not need to wait long hours to attend a meeting or attendance, the sofa for office reception has to be comfortable and in the same style as the decoration of the office so that everything is combining. If you have a super cool and relaxed atmosphere, for example, it is worth investing in a decoration that mixes the shades of gray (neutral) with colorful elements to give an extra touch.

Oh, and decorate the wall that has the sofa for office reception with pictures or phrases that impact everyone who stays there. It makes all the difference in the decor believe me! When in doubt, bet on neutral tones to decorate your reception and office. There’s no mistake! Think in shades of gray, beige and even off white if you want. Then, if you want to add colors, just add beautiful decorative objects to brighten up the room.

Free Pattern Available: Mandalas in Memory

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