Crochet Popcorn Stitch Granny Square


Hello my crochet friends, how are you? welcome! today we have something new for you, a beautiful crochet stitch, a true work of art in yarn, I’m sure you will love making this pattern. We love to share new patterns with you, this blog is made with great care, opinions and suggestions are always welcome, so keep interacting with us, this is very important for us.

Crochet Popcorn Stitch is very delicate, you will like it a lot, with it you will be able to make several projects, you can use your creativity in your productions, with a lot of creativity and delicacy, you will have a lot of ease in making this stitch, because it comes with a very complete and dynamic step by step.


We have a real passion for crochet and we are proud and delighted, as we have made incredible discoveries of the talents of our readers, your participation is very important, we have received several photos and comments from our readers this is a motivation we have to keep bringing news to you.

The Xell Crafts Blog thanks everyone for the affection and consideration with us, we have received many motivating messages about our posts, through you that we can measure the satisfaction of our readers and thereby bring more and more updates and new crochet patterns. Our team is very happy with all the affection received, thank you very much!


The colors here are just a suggestion. Use the color that best suits you, after all each person has their preference. Paying attention to the tutorial below even if you have some difficulty, you can make this beautiful crochet stitch with ease. Prepare all the necessary material with the desired color, so be patient with the tutorial. Make sure that your work will be perfect, as well as very beautiful.

Access The Free Pattern : Crochet Popcorn Stitch Granny Square

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