Crochet Owl Tutorial


Hello crochet friends and who also love crochet, are looking for new patterns .. so do not fail to check out this wonderful pattern today that has brought you to share. I was looking for something sweet and different on the internet because we should always be updating and also practicing and making different patterns and be amazed at their ability to create new and beautiful pieces. Today I bring something different than pieces of clothes, blankets or pieces of children, but something for decoration that I found very cute.

I’m in love with Amigurumis and every time I see a ready, I’m more in love !!! But also not friends like not falling in love with them that are so cute, is not it? It is an incredible pattern and every time we practice we get more experience and can do more of them and even more advanced. So today we are going to learn a pattern of amigurumi, are ready … come on.


Let’s learn the amigurumi pattern of owl, which are very cute and beautiful pieces for decoration used for nursery and children’s room or even for adult room, room or office for those who like owl and have a beautiful crochet owl in his environment. I especially love making decorative objects because they are delicate fun to produce and play with colors.

The crochet owl is a gift that is charming and has several purposes being very useful and for being a job for decoration is very sought after being a job that should have in your store for those who work with sale, everything that enchants and has demand should do to increase your sales. The crochet owl is on high in everything and can make this pattern to spruce the house or amuse the kids.

I know that this pattern may seem a bit difficult at the beginning or even before I start but with the video instructions with the step by step that I leave here for you it is better still put into practice and learn and make this beautiful little owl charming, that I love these very cute crafts! I hope you enjoy and have fun.

Tip to Make Crochet Owl


To make this owl you will need: crochet needle according to the thickness of your line; scissors; filling; crochet lines in the colors you want to make. Do all the parts and then joining starting with the body.

So without further talk, let’s get to work. Below I leave the video tutorial of this beautiful pattern of the owl ornament with all the step by step and all the necessary information. I leave also another pattern that I saw step by step and I leave here for you of the photo below. Do not forget to enjoy our Xell Crafts fanpage. Good work and enjoy the colors of your beautiful owl.

Written pattern is available for download here: Crochet Owl Tutorial . Free pattern courtesy of Tessa van Riet-Ernst