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Luminaires are decorative pieces that have the power to change the environment and not only because of their appearance, which can become a focal point, prominently, in the place, but also by bringing more light to the room, which is always good ! The wooden lamp is an interesting option, as it fits in any style, from rustic to modern. Of course, there are several models of wooden lamps available on the market, but the simplest, almost minimalist, are the most versatile. In fact, how about learning to make your own wooden lamp? Here we will bring you a step by step with a tutorial on how to make a beautiful Crowns Of Majesty.

To check out more free tutorials and amazing tips, take a look at our website, we are sure you will like it. How to make wooden floor lamp. Before we start our tutorial on how to make wooden floor lamp, it is necessary to list the materials that will be used in it. Write it down so you don’t forget anything!

4 pieces of 30 cm of pine; 1 piece of pine of 45 cm; 1 piece of pine of 160 cm; Dome for luminaire; Parallel wire; Nozzle; Power plug; French hand; Instant glue; Pliers; 8 7 cm screws; Drill / screwdriver, that’s all you need.

When you have all this in hand, you can start following our step by step how to make wooden floor lamp, we are sure that in the end you will be surprised. With the help of another person, put the largest piece on its feet and glue the 30 cm pieces around its base with instant glue; Drill two parallel holes in each 30 cm piece and screw them to the larger piece and to each other; Place the 45 cm piece on top of the larger piece, leaving 15 cm out; Place the French hand in the meeting of these pieces and mark the places where you should screw; Screw the marked places and also make a hole in the back and one at the other end of the top piece;

Cut the ends of your parallel wire in half and strip with pliers; Attach one side of the wire to the nozzle and attach it to the dome; Pass the thread through the hole in the front of the top piece and then through the back; Plug the other end of the wire into the socket. The wooden floor lamp has a unique charm and combines very well with environments such as the living room and office, they leave a unique and special touch in the environment. However, it also has a negative point: it occupies more space than other models. As the properties are getting smaller and smaller, the wooden floor lamp often ends up not being the first option.

However, if you have space, take a chance and opt for a wooden floor lamp. You can be sure that with it, your environment will look different, and much more beautiful! The wooden table lamp, depending on the model, can be just another detail or a focal point of the environment. It is usually placed on side tables, desks and nightstands in living rooms and bedrooms. In addition to being a beautiful decorative object, the wooden table lamp also has a very useful function: providing more focused lighting, which can be used, for example, to read in bed without disturbing someone else’s sleep, which helps a lot.

Free Tutorial Available: Crowns Of Majesty


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