Leafly Autumn Hat


The bathroom doesn’t have to be that bland place in the house. The fact that cleanliness must prevail in this does not mean that the look must be totally neutral, aseptic. All white, many times. See how to decorate the bathroom and have a sophisticated environment without secrets and take advantage of the tips to give a makeover also in the decoration of the toilet. The bathroom can have a cozy, cool, “modern” atmosphere, as you see fit, according to the style with which you identify, but in any case invest in the personality of this environment as well. In this post you will see more about it and learn to make a beautiful Leafly Autumn Hat.

After all, this way the moments there can become more pleasant and relaxing, and this is very welcome in any environment, whether at home or elsewhere. If it is small, use cool pictures in the decoration, which do not hinder the circulation at all. If it is large, you can even add furniture to its layout, such as benches and dressers. It is a luxury and are simple tips on how to decorate the bathroom.

Use plants, they bring decoration to life and purify the air, they are wonderful! They can be small (better, more subtle). And mix other elements such as wood, granite and marble, bamboo, whether in objects, furniture or in the structure itself, as in the constitution of countertops or partitions when planning how to decorate the bathroom.

As in any environment, transparent tempered glass is also indicated, it delimits areas without generating visual blockages, which gives the feeling of spaciousness and helps you a lot. And use mirrors, entire walls or smaller pieces, with different frames. What will define the ideal option will be the interior design and / or decoration project that will be guiding your actions. Blinds, why not?

So privacy increases, in addition to that there are very beautiful blinds nowadays, which alone make the turn of decorative object still giving you the privacy you need. A different chandelier can also be a prominent element in the decor, which will bring a special “bossa” to your bathroom. However, if possible prioritize natural light and good air circulation, this is healthy and the bathroom is more inviting.

Coatings, we have many options on the market, use and abuse, and are great options on how to decorate the bathroom without spending a lot of time. Whether creating a different wall or extending to the entire bathroom, what matters is to observe this detail as it is a determining factor in the decoration of bathrooms, so observe it very well. If you can and want to invest in furniture planned for the bathroom, it is super recommended and the proposal and the final result can be very interesting.

Everything about the place is concentrated there, like towels, bathrobes, toilet paper, hygiene products in general, etc. As they are embedded or fixed on the wall, in general they also do not hinder the circulation, and are often responsible for the use of walls and corners previously useless, which helps you a lot and gives you more functionality. Niches embedded in the wall itself, covered with granite or marble, also give an aspect of very interesting use, and it is sophisticated. Design yours! To accommodate products or even for decorations, why not?

Free Tutorial Available: Leafly Autumn Hat


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