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Every day we find super refined and personalized bathroom and toilet decoration projects, all to please the most diverse styles and tastes and for lovers of a sophisticated environment, the sculpted sink has gained more space in the bathroom decoration every day. And for those who want to have a carved sink at home and are having doubts about this elegant style of sink for the bathroom.

We made this post with tips to end your doubts and also with the tutorial of a beautiful Mini Galaxy of Change for you to learn how to do. Many people do not know what a sculpted sink is or have even heard of it, however, with different nomenclatures such as: molded, excavated or hidden sink.

The carved sink is nothing more than when the sink is made of the countertop material itself, it can be a sink carved in stone, granite, porcelain, silestone among others, and its main function is to hide the runoff and also the drain. Below we will talk a little more about the types of sculpted sink and what materials they can be found on the market, there is a very wide variety, you will be surprised. Check out!

Today we can find two models of sculpted sink and each one has its own characteristics. As the name says, this model of sculpted sink is straight at the bottom and the drainage of water happens through cracks that are on the sides, which gives this sink a very modern look.


The advantage of the sculpted sink with a straight bottom is that you can invest in one that has the bottom stone that is removable, thus making it easier to clean and unclog the drain in a fully functional way. This model is the most traditional and when the stone is carved it is positioned with an inclination like that of a ramp.

In the case of a sink carved with a ramp, the water will flow through a small gap located at the end of the ramp. An important observation for those who prefer this sink model is that it is important to position the faucet in a location that does not face the highest part of the sink, thus avoiding wetting the rest of the countertop, so pay attention to these details. In the market it is possible to find several types of marble, however, the carved travertine sink is the most common.

This type of marble is beautiful, however, it has few color options. The carved travertine sink is highly sought after by those who want elegance and sophistication in the bathroom decor, but in relation to other types of materials, the carved travertine sink is more fragile, but even so, much more expensive, due to all the elegance it provides.

To the environment. The sink carved in porcelain is the most used, it has a wide variety of colors, which gives you an immense possibility of choices, in addition to being able to be made even with floors, however, it is more recommended that the sink carved in porcelain is made with a solid stone, so the result is even more beautiful. The disadvantage of using the sink carved in porcelain is due to its high cost, matching the price of marble in the sink carved travertine.

Granite is one of the best known and most used natural stones, due to its great variety of colors and the most accessible value. The sink carved in granite stone has the advantage that this type of stone is very resistant and little porous, which makes the sink carved in granite a great advantage for environments such as the bathroom.

Generally the sink carved in granite has a darker shade, but this is not a rule, as there is a wide variety of granite colors on the market, it is also common to find sink carved in granite with lighter shades, but in this case it is important to have more attention to the maintenance of the piece, thus avoiding the appearance of stains on the granite, so remember to always keep an eye on these details.

Free Tutorial Available: Mini Galaxy of Change


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