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Toilets are generally used more often by house visitors, but with smaller and smaller real estate projects it has become a challenge to decorate the small toilet. However, to be able to receive these visits better it is important that the decoration of the small toilet is taken into account. And if you are thinking about how to decorate a small bathroom we have separated some tips that will surely help you to make your small bathroom more beautiful and pleasant for both those who live in the apartment and for visitors and we also separate the tutorial from one beautiful Royal Pineapple Doily.

Making the decoration of a simple small toilet with neutral and light colors is easier and even more recommended, because with light colors the environment gains the feeling of being larger than it really is, which helps a lot. But of course, if you prefer, there is also the possibility of decorating a small bathroom with stronger colors, just use common sense.

For small lavatories decorated with stronger or more striking colors, in addition to paint you can also count on the help of coatings such as colored tiles, wallpaper or ceramics that imitate wood or with strong colors, as these items help you a lot.

But if you want to keep the decor of the bathroom small in neutral and light tones and add some color points it is also possible. For this you can choose a bowl with stronger colors or even pendants or colored niches to decorate the environment. When thinking about small decorated bathrooms it is important to know how to select the furniture that will be used in the environment.

It is interesting to have a mirrored bathroom cabinet to store cleaning items and towels, for example, which are always necessary. But the furniture cannot take up much space in the bathroom to prevent circulation from being compromised. If possible, you can have furniture designed for small decorated lavatories. Below you can see the decoration of a small toilet with a sink inserted in a drawer, excellent for small spaces like the toilet.

Just as small bathroom furniture is important to maintain organization, some decorative items guarantee a special touch in the simple small bathroom. Pots with plants and flowers, a chandelier or a beautiful pendant can give more personality to the simple small bathroom and make it much more beautiful. It is also interesting to follow the decoration pattern of the house in the small decorated lavatories, to make the home more harmonious.

For example, if you have chosen a house with simple and minimalist decor, the small simple toilet can also follow this line and have few elements, however, following the line of an elegant and cozy environment. The mirror is not only very useful, it also comes as a decorative item and helps to add an extra touch to the environment. In small environments the mirror is excellent for enlarging the environment, so, if possible, in small decorated lavatories it is interesting to invest in a wall almost entirely covered with a mirror.

Free Tutorial Available: Royal Pineapple Doily


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