Unicorn Bricks Baby Blanket

It is very common for some homeowners to seek help to modernize the children’s room, which has not cared for children’s themes for some time and transformed for teenagers. To exemplify a real case, we will present a project that architects Daniella Stecconi and Simone Fogassa developed for the bedroom of two teenagers. In addition to the old decor, with children’s themes, the boys’ room housed small beds and a nightstand with no function, as its height was not at all functional for children. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Unicorn Bricks Baby Blanket.

The choice was to work with a more striking color, blue, to counter the pastel colors that were used until then. As the place was divided between the two brothers, planning and creating very large shelves is great to support different tastes without interfering with each other. The decoration with lego was replaced by books or other collections, more youthful and there was no need to make a drastic change in the decoration of this boys room.

The nightstand, which was of little use in one of the boys’ rooms we saw, was renovated and took on a new role in the new environment. With a drawer for each one, these pieces of furniture started to separate the beds.

The nightstand also has wheels and can be easily removed to make room for a bunk bed, located on one of the beds. The other bed has drawers to store bedding and towels, which helps in the organization and optimization of this boys room, the final, without organization, everything can be very messy. Another great concern of the owners was in relation to the beds, which were leaning against the wall and made it difficult to clean the boys’ room, although they liked this position.

Thinking of expanding the family’s practicality, the walls were covered with formica, ensuring easy cleaning and decoration of the space, which is a very important point of the house. The old and heavy curtain was replaced by a blind that dresses the window and ensures natural lighting for the boys’ room, and also reduces the luminous intensity during times of greater sunlight.

The blind also gained an adequate height, not overlapping furniture, in addition to being a more modern decorative item that settles less dust, thus helping with cleaning. As a result, this boys’ room gained a more youthful and updated atmosphere. The project reinforces that small interventions, such as new painting and installation of new accessories and furniture, can revamp an environment and make it even more pleasant.

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