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They are cute, furry and very loved. If you have a pet in your home, you should know that it ends up becoming the center of your concerns, and everything revolves around it, including the decoration of the property. To avoid disorders such as allergies and other small problems that end up when you have pets, there are some tricks that can greatly facilitate your day to day. We bring you some suggestions that can make a difference to your home decor and to your pet that you will love. If you have decided to adopt a pet, you should know that the responsibility is enormous, and that it requires care almost all the time. In this post you will learn more about it and also learn how to make an amazing X Marks the Spot Afghan with the tutorial that we separated.

Therefore, when thinking about the decoration of your home, it is important to also evaluate the needs of your pet, and try to make him feel as comfortable as possible. Avoid excessive limits and try to educate him so that he knows which areas he can move freely and which ones he cannot. There is no way to avoid it, at one time or another the animals end up dirtying the floor in some way, and in order not to get stressed when this happens the ideal is that you have a floor that is easy to clean, so pay attention to that.

Some flooring options that, in addition to being resistant, are easy to clean, are liquid porcelain tiles, burnt cement and ceramic tiles, they help you a lot in this purpose. Avoid opting for wood or parquet flooring, as these materials are more vulnerable to stains and scratches, with an aged appearance.

The paw marks are so cute that many people even decide to tattoo them. However, when they appear on the walls of your home this cuteness may not be so interesting. As it is practically impossible to prevent this from happening, the most recommended is that you paint the walls with an acrylic paint, which can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth if the animal decides to leave its mark somewhere, as it always does.

Like us, animals also need a space just for them, where they can feel comfortable and protected. Choose a fixed place to leave your pet’s house, the food and water pots and his toys, so he will know that there is a space reserved for him. The ideal is that you already present this place from the first day the pet arrives at your house, so it will be much easier to adapt the pet to the place.

Whether on the sofa, bed or armchairs, pets love to sleep in warm places, preferably lined with fabrics. To avoid stress when cleaning, the ideal is that you already cover the furniture with a fabric that is easy to wash and at the same time resistant, so just change it periodically and avoid the accumulation of hair in the place, this helps a lot, believe me. The best way to avoid the accumulation of hair and dirt that animals will inevitably leave in your home is to get heavy cleaning.

For this, the ideal is to opt for the vacuum cleaner instead of the broom, because it ends up lifting residues in the air and causing them to accumulate on furniture and decorative objects, which is not a good thing. If your pet happens to have physiological needs out of the right place, first remove them and then apply a mixture of water, vinegar and detergent on the spot. It is not because you have decided to adopt a pet that you will necessarily need to live with the bad smell.

There are some simple ways to make the environment smell more pleasant, the first of which is to ensure good air circulation. In addition, you can bet on odorizers and spray a miraculous mixture on the sofas, curtains and rugs, just mix in a container 1 liter of water, 1/4 glass of alcohol, 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate, 1/4 of white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of fabric softener. There, your bad smell problems are gone!

Free Tutorial Available: X Marks the Spot Afghan


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