Callatis Crescent Shawl


There is no doubt that sustainability is the word of the moment. Every day we are looking for life habits and conscious consumption, and this is changing many areas of our life very positively. And of course, decoration could not be left out, after all, decorating is first and foremost, exercising creativity and innovation. This “garbage to luxury” philosophy comes to show that it is not necessary to spend fortunes to decorate an environment with style.

A decoration with recycled materials is synonymous with personality, creativity and even refinement, and the best thing is that this trend can be applied in any type of decoration, from the most basic and industrial to the classic and sophisticated. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Callatis Crescent Shawl with the tutorial that we separated.

For you who are interested in this subject and want to become a more conscious consumer, we have separated 6 furniture ideas made with recycled materials for you to be inspired and create yours there too, so in addition to decorating your home you also help the planet. This tip is especially for lovers of minimalist decorations. PVC pipe racks are excellent alternatives for a clean room, which values ​​simplicity and neutral tones.

All you need to create your PVC pipe rack is thin tubes and some connectors. The great advantage of this piece is that you can make it the size, width and height you want, which already helps you a lot, let your creativity fly free. Thus, you assemble a rack made to measure for you and still complements the decor of the room.

Simple, practical and very versatile, wooden crates are undoubtedly the wild cards for any style of sustainable decoration. This wooden box that you find in any fair or supermarket, is already a classic of reuse and the wall was made to measure for the nightstands, it will be perfect for what we want to do. Just sand, varnish and go! You can also paint, place stylized feet or even arrange several boxes to create different shapes and heights for your nightstand.

Do you want a simple and beautiful side table to be beside the sofa in the living room? All you need is a laundry basket and a wooden or glass top, quick and practical! This idea is very cheap and the result is surprisingly sophisticated. This type of table is also great next to the bed or even as a coffee table. Let creativity speak and paint the cent with a bright, metallic color, or make a gradient.

The result is so beautiful that it doesn’t even look like the table was made with an item that costs less than $5,66. You know that old tire that is no longer useful and is just taking up space? It can become a super stylish puff for your home, and the best thing is that you can customize it the way you want, just use your imagination, the sky is the limit. A very simple option is to paint the outside of the tire and cover the top with an upholstered MDF base.

But if the idea is to completely change the face of the object, you can cover the gap with a wooden plate and cover the entire piece with fabric, pompoms or even a sisal rope. See how beautiful it looks! This is a precious tip to decorate with little expense: Old drawers. Before completely discarding that old piece of furniture, consider saving one or two drawers to create an unusual decoration item for your home.

In addition to being super simple to make, the furniture made with drawers gives a very cool charm to the environment. You can simply attach a small drawer to the side of the bed, or create legs for a larger drawer, which will serve as a sideboard for the room. Furniture made with pallets are also darlings in sustainable decoration, they are very famous and very popular today.

The wooden pallets are very resistant and have a good durability, the ideas for creating furniture that require greater support, such as sofas or beds, all come from the pallet. This type of sofa combines with a light and natural decor, especially if you decide to keep the pallets in their natural color. The seat can be made with futon pillows or a mattress that you no longer use. Versatility is the key word to describe this piece.

Free Tutorial Available: Callatis Crescent Shawl


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