Crochet Midnight Walk Shawl


Crochet blankets are essential for those who want more comfortable, warm and popular decorations. For example, in Brazil, this work has always had its own space, such as in bed, on the couch, on the balcony and even a place to warm the children.

It’s a dream of many people keeping the house in a super comfortable environment, but unlike your imagination, you don’t need much investment in renovations to realize this dream environment. For example, a sofa blanket is a quick and easy way to change the appearance of the environment, and can get more beautiful and comfortable without much investment.


In this article, you can see some tips for decorating with sofa blankets and also be inspired by several photos that will help you create the décor of yourhome, making this beautiful blanket all crafted in crochet.

Use and abuse this blanket to decorate your room.


The room is usually one of the most used environments at home, especially when we want to receive friends or even spend a few hours of relaxation with family, so it is so important to consider every detail of the environment to decorate this environment.

The blanket of the sofa is a kind of object, besides bringing more comfort and a very comfortable environment, is also responsible for bringing a special touch to the decoration of the room, but for this it is necessary to know how to choose a suitable blanket and for the space.

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Choose the décor to be the same. If your room is equipped with a TV panel, the sofa blanket will be more important for your décor.

Contrary to what many people think, the blankets of the sofas do not need to be used only in winter, and can also be used at other times of the year, but in this case the division must have air conditioning or it is necessary to prefer lighter fabric sofa blankets.

The main function of the blanket is to protect the fabric of the sofa from stains and dirt, so as not to soil, much less to damage. In addition, the sofa blanket is also used to hide some of the existing defects of the retractable sofa and create different landscape space decorations and sofa designs.

It’s easy to find multiple models of blankets for sofas on the market, so the task of choosing one seems so difficult. It is noteworthy that the blanket of the corner sofa can be made of various materials, such as wool, linen, cotton, acrylic, synthetic leather, etc. There is no fixed rule to choose one, which depends largely on style and decoration and personal taste.

 It is worth mentioning that just as a sofa blanket can be made in various materials, it can also have different colors, sizes and prints, so it is important to understand what kind of style of decoration you sought in your life before room. Choose the blanket that will decorate your sofa.

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