Granny Chic Heart

The sofa is a very important item in a room, where you can receive visitors, watch movies, date your love, reunite the family or even relax. He is the star of the room, much of the attention will turn to him. As it is a decisive item in the elaboration of an environment, care is needed to choose the ideal type, among the sofa models. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Granny Chic Heart.

The first point that you should take into account is the measurements of your space, so remember this well. Regardless of whether your room is small or large, measure the space the sofa would be, taking into account height, width and depth. If it is a TV room, it is recommended that it is well in front of the television, to avoid discomfort when using the furniture.

Measure the space the sofa will stay, without forgetting the minimum space for comfortable circulation, so as not to leave a feeling of suffocation in the environment and thinking about how many people will use it too. When you go to the store to choose, think about what type of flooring you want for your home.

In addition to the decoration, the sofa must meet the needs of the home. There are four main types of upholstery fabric: suede, jacquard, chenille and synthetics. Suede is one of the most used nowadays, it is similar to suede, there are several options on the market and requires a lot of care with cleaning.

Jacquard is very resistant, easy to maintain and very elaborate due to the weaving with the threads themselves, which is great. The chenille is very soft and comfortable, but a little complicated to clean. Synthetics are easier to clean and are more resistant, recommended for those with allergies or pets.

For very small environments, give preference to rectangular sofas, as they are more optimized and fit better with other furniture. In a bright room, you can place either a sofa that follows the same shade or a sofa with a darker color, it depends on you. If you use your room to receive important guests, or business meetings, a black leather or synthetic sofa is ideal.

It demonstrates seriousness and safety in an environment, in addition to its maintenance being very easy, which also helps a lot. If you have a larger space and if your family is large, you can use the “L” sofa model. They take advantage of space and facilitate circulation. With them it is possible to use a coffee table, to complement the environment.

For lovers of modern design, a sofa with its optimized format brings beauty and practicality to the environment, in addition to giving an incredible touch to the environment. There are some models of sofas on the market that allow it to be transformed into other objects, such as sofa beds, sofas that divide and become several puffs or even sofas with a chest or recessed niches. There is everything to suit the needs of each individual.

Free Pattern Available: Granny Chic Heart


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