Honey Peaks Blanket

It is very common to collect objects, such as miniatures, carts, key chains, magazines, travel souvenirs, among many others. With spaces often limited, the main question is where to put all these collection items, which we have accumulated over the years. With the decor, of course! In this case, many people ask again: “How to decorate the house with collection items”? In this post we will see more about this subject and you will be able to make a beautiful Honey Peaks Blanket.

For small objects such as trolleys and small items, crystal-style furniture can be used, which has internal shelves and transparent glass doors to view them, so they are kept and displayed. Thus, the elements will always remain organized, protected from dust and at the same time well visible, becoming part of the decoration. Still white niches composed of open shelves is also a very attractive option to decorate with collection items.

These cupboards can be made of wood, painted with some color to brighten up the decoration of the environment or even wood with a patina effect, whose “Provençal” effect gives a special charm, and can be placed in livings or offices giving a extra charm in the environment.

Another very practical use is to integrate the cabinet so that it is designed in conjunction with the Home Theater TV rack, which is a technique well used today. The integration makes the look very harmonious with the maximum use of space, so that collection items such as picture frames, vases and other collection objects become part of the environment.

Another good idea is the built-in plaster niches, with focal dichroic or LED lighting, to further highlight the collection items. If there is a painting in the background that matches the rest of the environment, it can stand out even more. If you have a beach house and you like a more relaxed decoration, it is interesting to use that collection of seashells as part of your setting, for example, as it will give a very beautiful and natural touch to the environment.

One way is to use buffets with hollow shelves, and on the top of the furniture you can optimize the space and place more items, which will help you even more. But be careful: the rest of the room must be clean so that there is no visual conflict with other elements.

In the case of a collection of comics or photos, it is possible to use and abuse suspended shelves in the environment: in addition to organizing the items, everyone can see them in a very prominent and decorative way, optimizing the lower space of the walls and giving a very touch modern to the environment. Great option for small apartments.

Free Pattern Available: Honey Peaks Blanket


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